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Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston Chanel Preston
Chanel Preston @
Chanel Preston has a real douche bag for a Spouse, but things are about to change. That babe married a wealthy PC "coder", even though that smooth operator is not the "hottest" petticoat chaser around. What he lacks in looks (and in the bedroom), this chab more than makes up in his bank account, 401 (K), and other investments. Still, Chanel’s had it with Hubby’s berating behavior: talking down to her; insulting her; making stupid jokes at Chanel’s expense. In fact, as he is doing it in front of his "homies" (I said u he’s a douche!) Chanel puts her foot down and calls him into the kitchen for a "talk". Expect until you watch the results of her "talk"! Or, in other words, "hell hath no fury adore a mastix scorned"! Chanel establishes dominance, marches out to the front room, and then had the Bulls run a educate on one as well as the other her snatch and anus…while Hubby watches! Everybody shit talks the cuckold, before he’s forced to do one of the almost all humiliating things a str8 male can imagine. If and you think Chanel was all done after "clean up on aisle ass", wait til the very end of this Cuckold Session! Warning: what you are about to witness may disturb u for weeks — or even months!!
Chanel Preston Chanel Preston

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66-year-old Madison and the 27-year-old

66-year-old Madison and the 27-year-old

66-year-old Madison and the 27-year-old

When we asked 66-year-old Madison Milstar if that babe acquires off whilst watching porn, this babe said, “I’ll always view it and masturbate. It goes hand-in-hand. Usually I’m in my office at home, sitting in a wonderful office chair, on my PC with my pocket rocket handy and my areola clamps on. They just pinch these teats perfectly, and I don’t must do it. I’m busy with my little toys and having pleasure.”

And now that this babe is a 60Plus M.I.L.F., Madison can do smth almost any sweethearts can not do: She can view herself bonk. And she can do what this babe latterly did: screw her hubby while they observed her shag.

Such are the fringe benefits of becoming a 60Plus MILF. It is the experience that keeps on experiencing…or smth love that.

Here, Madison, who’s too a Mommy and grandmother, experiences Patrick’s 27-year-old weenie. Do the math: That is an age difference of 39 years. Madison is old sufficient to be Patrick’s grandmother. He’s been peeping on her. This dude walks in on her while this babe is getting clothed. Investigate Madison’s tan-lined fun bags! How is it possible for a 66-year-old woman to have such worthwhile knockers?

Hey, do not ask. Just savour.

Madison worked in the aerospace industry for 33 years. Now this babe is making cum fly.

Madison lives in Hawaii, where this babe can work on those tan lines and pick up young dudes. She keeps her snatch tight by doing kegels several times a day. Here, she just happens to be doing kegels on Patrick’s dick.

Patrick, by the way, thinks he’s only plan to acquire to observe. This dude thinks that buck is in big trouble when Madison catches him. Well, he’s going to be in smth, but it’s not trouble.

Unless his girlfriend catches him. But, hey, Madison’s pussy is worth it.

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Star Woman

Star Gal

Star Woman

Early on, Sandra Star was inspired by Minka and Elizabeth Star. This babe admires Amy Anderssen, one of the hottest of the super-boobed porn stars, like Sandra is.

Sandra is a free-spirit. “I love to live my life spontaneously,” said Sandra. “I don’t have a list of goals I wish to achieve. I just make almost certainly of in being the almost all precious I can be.”

Sandra’s much loved cuisine is French and Italian and that babe drinks white wine and malt whisky. She loves to go to beach bars when she is on holiday. “I love to wear constricted swimsuits that reveal a lot of breast valley and cut high in the hips adore Baywatch-style or bikinis.

“Men usually ask me questions about my whoppers. About their size, their weight and the effect they have on people. They fascinate the studs I meet and I can see in their eyes that they wanna touch and kiss them.”

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April cums many times

April cums many times

April cums many times

April Skyz, a 42-year-old self-described geek from Florida, geeks out on JMac’s large rod in her first porn clip. This sexy redhead seduces JMac, which isn’t unbending. She’s wearing barely nothing up top and pretty soon she’s going to be wearing nothing down below. The top comes off, the milk sacks come out, and in advance of long, April is putting on an anus reveal, likewise.

April sucks deep and screws rock hard. JMac copulates her very rock hard. That man flips this skinny copulate toy upside-down and drills her in the piledriver position, and we mean drills her. And here’s smth special: April gets a creampie in her porn launch.

April is married. This babe is 5’9″ and has a weight of just 125 pounds. No wonder JMac had no bother manhandling her.

“I like my body to be moved around, to be picked up,” this babe said. “I adore to ride a lot. I adore to grind and I like the action of sliding up and down and being in control of the dong. And I adore doggie coz who doesn’t like doggie? It is comfortable, it is fun, u must move around a lot. It is freeing. I suppose it is more of a naughty feeling to do doggie.”

Wicked April likes playing clip games, taking lengthy walks on the beach and hiking. Her fantasy car is an Austin Martin Vanquish. She’d love to go to New Zealand one day. She is a livecam girl who identified us on Twitter. She loves fellows in uniform.

“My recurring dream is a youthful man in a military uniform screwing me fine while he’s at his post,” she said.

Note to members: Head to the nearest costume store and by a military uniform. Then head down here to Florida.

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Daughter may be good, but Mom Madison is better

Daughter may be worthy, but Mommy Madison is more good

Daughter may be fine, but Mama Madison is better

In her long-awaited return to, 66-year-old wife, Mama and grandmother Madison Milstar catches her daughter’s hubby watching her then seduces him. In this case, seduction means a oral. That always works. Then she fucks him and exposes why Mother is nearly always better than daughter. For example, young angels are usually cum dodgers. Granny Madison spreads her face hole for Patrick’s load.

We asked Madison, who lives in Hawaii, if she’s viewed her scenes, and that babe told, “Absolutely! All of ’em! I loved ’em! I observed ’em alone and with my hubby, and I guess this chab might have loved ’em even more than I did!

“At 1st I was a little coy watching myself. I was too surprised by how well I did for it being my 1st time doing porn. I was flattered by how well the photographer seemed to catch all of my nice angles. My boyfriend was thrilled with my performance. I could tell just by looking at his meat-thermometer. This chab was rock-hard!”

The big question: “Have u had sex during the time that watching your scenes?”

The greater than standard answer: “Well, yep, of course! My spouse was sitting there with a boner, so I wasn’t plan to leave him high and dry!”

Now that is a great wife!

We also asked Madison if adult modeling for us has changed her in any way, and this babe said, “Yes. It is made me more assertive in ottoman. It’s made me feel more desirable. It gives me a thrill knowing that thousands of guys masturbate during the time that watching me. It’s enjoyment knowing that 95% of my allies don’t know that I have done porn, and the ones who do know completely accept me. I’ve also been encouraged to commence writing my book. There’s so much more to share now!”

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The Lap Dancer

The Exotic dancer

The Lap Dancer

When Merilyn Sakova 1st appeared, there was merely one thing to do. Photograph her as much as possible ‘cuz u never know when a specific playgirl adore Merilyn resolves to pack it all in.

In this glamour photoshoot, filmed in Kiev along with the accompanying video, Merilyn plays a lap dancer. Merilyn was never a sexy dancer, as far as we know, but the dream is hot.

One day, the SCORE staff was walking with Merilyn in Kiev looking at the sights when a passerby with obviously well-trained boob radar recognized her and asked if that charmer could get a scarcely any images taken with her. The Lothario was so nervous he was shaking. Merilyn has that effect on lads.

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Her Big Tits Open All Doors

Her Big Boobies Open All Doors

Her Greater than average Wobblers Open All Doors

It is a fact that Summer Sinn‘s fantastic chest can clear a path to her destination. In other words, her bigger in size than standard mellons open all doors. Her zeppelins are her identification. She is welcomed warmly by bouncers, airport security (full body chase on aisle THREE, please), traffic cops, doormen, headwaiters, cab drivers…you name ’em.

Let us expose an example of how Miss Sinn’s mounds are her IDENTIFICATION in this reenactment. Summer was scheduled for a shag scene. At the front desk, our PA asked for her photo identification, which almost all of you know is a legal requirement in the adult world. Summer didn’t have it. She’d forgotten it at her hotel. But no problem. That babe simply lifted up her blouse, showed her bouncy hooters and the Personal Assistant let her pass.

On her way to the studio, Summer prevented a shipping department employee and asked for directions. He needed corroboration that she was who she said this babe was and not an imposter. One time more, her titties got her a pass. Once in the studio, another workers member needed her I.D. but…you guessed it…Summer’s juggs were her identification.

Finally, Summer met her co-star on the set. Her thrusting jugs served afresh as her pass and they gotta the tit-fucking, deep-throating and screwing this babe earned after she was stopped at more checkpoints than in an eastern European police state in 1975. Large tits: more good for opening doors than a twenty dollar bill folded in a girl’s palm.

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Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part One

Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part One

Katie's Morning Ritual--Part One

The bath is the private zone for babes, the place where they make their magic previous to stepping out into the world. It is the sanctuary where their daily routines initiate. Most of us do not have to see what they’re doing in there. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair. We watch ’em when they come out all charming and groomed.

The morning ritual photo and video discharges peel back the curtain so we can chase a SCORE or V-Girl into a place where no dude has gone before. Our beautification guide this time is marvelous Katie Thornton, SCORE Beginner of the Year and Porno star of the year awards winner. Back home, Katie is a cosmetician and stunner shop owner. Girls usually do not brush their teeth and let the paste drips onto their bosoms but there’re always exceptions to the rule. The editors envied the photographer of this shoot!

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April’s first time

April’s first time

April's first time

“I came from a more-conservative job, and for certain, it wasn’t acceptable to talk about porn,” said 42-year-old wife and first-timer April Skyz from Florida. “I couldn’t say, ‘Oh, my spouse and I’ve porn Fridays.’ Some people go out to a party or a lap dancing club, but my partner and I pull up some kind of porn, whether it’s our homemade movies or one more kind of porn. It is a tradition.”

Precious tradition. And now that babe has smth to add to the episode collection: Her 1st accomplished copulate clip at

April says she’s a little bit of a geek. In this scene, that hawt geek sucks and shags JMac’s meat-thermometer and gets a creampie. That babe gets actually deep on his weenie, which is a charming amazing feat for a first-timer, and her love tunnel easily handles his cock.

“I adore to ride a lot,” April told. “I adore to grind and I love the action of sliding up and down and being in control of that. And I like doggie cuz who doesn’t love doggie? It’s comfortable, it is fun, u have to move around a lot. It’s freeing. I guess it is more of a naughty feeling to do doggie.”

April likewise said, “I like my body to be moved around, to be picked up.” She can’t live without to be manhandled, and JMac does that here, screwing her in the leglock position and then turning her upside-down to piledrive her cum-hole.

April has large wobblers and red hair and great shag skills. She’s right where that babe belongs.

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Busty Dulcinea Domesticated

Big busted Dulcinea Domesticated

Busty Dulcinea Domesticated

Dulcinea is here to clean up your place. You can look at her if u love. It will be difficult to keep your eyes off her curvy body since she’s wearing a constricted tank top and skintight jeans. Her big mellons are in forward thrust mode but they don’t fall out when she bows over doing her chores. When Dulcinea takes notice your compass pointing north, that babe decides to clean your knob with her tongue. This is a very fastidious hotty. It would be an incomplete afternoon if that babe could not receive rogered in advance of she went home.

SCORELAND: What do u wanna try sexually that you haven’t done yet?

Dulcinea: I wish to try S&M with a trained master. I don’t so much savour the ache threshold part of it as much as total submission. I likewise desire to have sex in a very public place. Love at a baseball game or something.

SCORELAND: What is the almost any unconventional sex position you have ever attempted?

Dulcinea: An upside-down oral job during the time that that guy was eating my vagina. I’ve wanted to try this one for years, and my partner just picked me up one day and was adore, “Wait, do a handstand real quick!” and then this Lothario grasped me and started eating my twat upside down. I was level with his cock, so I just shoved it down my throat and we the one and the other came love that. I was magnificant!

SCORELAND: Have u ever busted a guy’s cherry?

Dulcinea: Nope, not unless u count tit-fucking for the first time.

SCORELAND: If you could change one thing about male adult stars, what would it be?

Dulcinea: I crave they would eat wet crack more! Merely two I’ve worked with ever do and I receive it all the time! One of my beloved male porn stars that I check out all the time is adore the king of bawdy cleft eating. I could masturbate to that all day long!

SCORELAND: Out of all of your SCORELAND scenes, what is your favorite?

Dulcinea: My favorite was definitely the scene I did with JMac. I view a lot of his scenes and working with him was a stupendous dream of mine! I loved that it was a domination-esque scene and it was so coarse. This chab could pick me up, which I’ve not at all done in advance of! It was so exciting!

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This MILF pussy for rent

This MILF vagina for rent

This HORNY HOUSEWIFE vagina for rent

“My wildest swinging experience was at a nude pool party,” said 52-year-old wife and Mom Babe Morgan. “Everyone removed their glamourous clothing the pont of time they entered the intimate party area. I was getting lots of attention and became involved in a three-way with 2 other guys. I felt worshiped as their hands and lips were all over my body, and I enjoyed gratifying 2 weenies at one time.”

Here, Chick exposes her skills with one 10-Pounder, but it is a bigger in size than standard one, a lot bigger than either of those 2 she handled at the pool party. In this scene, Sweetheart is a realtor. She isn’t clothed in the sexy/hooker style that so many Miami realtors most like. Instead, this babe is wearing a respectable blouse and pants. But, here, it’s what’s underneath that counts.

As Carlos finds out, much to his surprise and enjoyment, Chick is wearing a bustier, hawt knickers and fishnet nylons.

“I have so much more to expose you,” Sweetheart says. So much more includes her very nice gazoo. When Carlos slaps her arse, the sound echoes throughout the empty apartment.

Playgirl sucks his knob and shags Carlos every which way. She’s widen on the couch, getting rogered in the missionary position, when Carlos realizes this charmer can’t hold back any longer, so Babe receives on her knees and jacks his sperm into her face hole.

These realtors…they’re all the same. Fortunately.

Sweetheart is from Arizona. This babe was sent our way by Leah L’Amour. She became a swinger four years ago. Her much loved types of dates are lifestyle meet and greets. That means drooping out with strangers that that babe may shag soon.

Basically, Honey doesn’t have to know u very well to urge to screw you. A minute or 2 will do.

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Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx Alexis Fawx
Alexis Fawx @
Alexis Fawx is happily married to a cuckold. That babe loves him very much. He’s an earner, and this chab freely gives Alexis what that babe desires most: bigger in size than average, darksome 10-Pounder. They’re the one and the other very much into the cuckold lifestyle. Alexis and Partner will go as far as cooking up schemes in order to turn their fantasies into reality. Take today, for sample. Husband has hired a workers to "fix" a wiring problem with the house. During the time that we all know there’s no problem, the happy pair have now landed a work employees consisting of 3, Dark Bulls in their home. So why not send Alexis up to flirt and send a message to The Bulls? In fact, the pleased couple get so lewd, they cant hold back: Alexis has Boyfriend put on the condom while saying, "you know I still won’t bareback a white boy, dear!" Which is when The Bulls catch them in their always-awkward erotic activities. What else for The Bulls to do but takeover? Pretty soon, there’s not quite 36" of "BBC" railing Alexis – both mouth and pussy. At one point her orgasms are so intensive that babe squirts, multiple times, all over Partner. "But do not take that jo-bag off!" Alexis demands. "I don’t urge your mess all over our bed!" Shortly after, the 1st Bull pops in her cum-hole, which is consummate for Boyfriend — he likes his creampie treat! The next two Bulls frost Alexis’s attractive blond face! As the aged saying goes, "happy wife, happy life!"
Alexis Fawx Alexis Fawx

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That big, black cock is for you, Nina Dee!

That greater than standard, dark pecker is for you, Nina Dee!

That larger than typical, dark pecker is for you, Nina Dee!

Nina Dee, who’s 44 years mature, is looking very hot in a tight, red suit that unveils off her curves. Who’s she clothed for? Not her husband. He’s not home. She is dressed for her ladies man on the side.

“He’s about to be pissed,” Nina tells Rome.

“Why?” he says.

“Because I’m about to suck a bigger than average, darksome rod,” Nina says.

“Fuck that buck.”

Nina screws the boy. The lad screws Nina. He knobs her every which way with his BBC, and when Nina has been contented and Rome cant hold back any longer, Nina opens her face hole for his cum.

In real life (as opposed to porn life), Nina is a divorced Mother from Florida. When she was younger, she modeled for Playboy lingerie and Venus Swimwear. This babe enjoys working out in her free time. She’s not a swinger but has considered it and loves to be undressed whenever possible. A worthwhile week for her is having sex five to 10 times.

“I not at all wait to do anything,” this babe said. “I make it happen. What sexually satisfies me paramount is being in doggie-style during the time that the boy fingers my arse and I rub my adore button. I am a fan of anal play and anal-copulation.”

Nina took porn 10-Pounder up her butt in her first appearance. Now that babe is getting a large, black rod. Ya got to adore when hotty’s like Nina come to us and do the things they do. Nina did it all!

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Titty Call

Titty Call

Titty Call

Gianna Rossi is one of the most-sexual pornstars I have ever met, but she has one more side, a very quiet side that a lot of people at not time acquire to watch,” wrote SCORE editor Dave who spent tons of time over the years interviewing her and being on-set during photo discharges.

“I’m a Gemini, so I’ve 2 sides,” Gianna told. “Sometimes I like to be dominant and I love to be on top of the situation and just receive mine. Fulfilling his needs as well, of course, but I want it how I urge it. But other times, just take me any way u want me. Whatsoever u wanna do.”

In all of her fuck scenes, and there were many, Gianna not ever gave less than 200%. We’re surprised that she by no means moved into directing. She has the knowledge, the experience and the take-charge personality to direct fantastic porn.

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Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik Adriana Chechik
Adriana Chechik @
Adriana Chechik is married to a billionaire. That smooth operator developed one of the majority popular apps for mobile phones, and there’s a chance you may know his real name. What you do not know, however, is the name Adriana calls him: "Slave Fluffy". Or, if she’s in a admirable mood, simply Fluffy. Fluffy is a cuckold. He’s used his substantial fortunes to maintain quite a lifestyle: his gracious home, his gracious wife, as well as satisfying his handsome wife in any way possible. This is how a boy like Fluffy scores a wife adore Adriana Chechik! And one of the important things Fluffy delivers on are Bulls for wifey Adriana, in instruct to keep her sexually contented. We all know Fluffy could not at any time get a mastix adore Adriana based on his looks…which is phat by Fluffy. So when that babe is sexually excited, Fluffy has to drop anything this chab is doing (even coming home from work if necessary) in order to detect her Bulls. And once he does, there’s no limitations to the of Adriana Chechik’s nasty deeds!!!

Adriana Chechik Adriana Chechik

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This horny realtor is a Babe!

This horny realtor is a Hottie!

This excited realtor is a Fascinating heart!

In this scene, 52-year-old wife and Mom Playgirl Morgan is a realtor who’s showing a male client a house that he probably can’t afford. Honey is clothed very respectably. Very professionally. She is wearing a modest blouse and dark slacks, but in this case, it’s what Vixen is wearing below that counts.

A bustier. Hawt knickers that display off her admirable ass. Fishnet stockings. Yeah, that’s how you close a deal!

Smth Playgirl said us the first time this babe banged at bears repeating: “The people who know me through typical circumstances would be astonished and might desire no thing to do with me after seeing me here. My family would probably disown me. People in the swing lifestyle would be surprised, but they would likely congratulate me.”

Her spouse would not disown her. That gent encouraged her to do this. Leah L’Amour, one of our prefered 60Plus MILFS, wouldn’t disown her. She’d salute her. Leah sent Honey our way.

Playgirl lives in Arizona. She’s tall, thin and hot. This babe and her husband are swingers’ and have been for four years. This babe can’t live with out to be watched. We love watching her.

“The most-fun job I’ve ever had could be this one,” Goddess told.

By the way, Babe told, “When my spouse and I go out or to a party, I usually wear a bustier with a petticoat, high heels and fishnet stockings.”

Just like she’s wearing here!

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