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Codi Vore’s First SCORE XXX

Codi Vore’s 1st SCORE XXX

Codi Vore's First SCORE XXX

Codi Vore‘s 1st SCORE hardcore scene was exactly the way we imagined it would be. Codi is a vehement, very erotic cutie with an sexual center. That babe loses herself absolutely in wild excitement as that babe and Alex Legend devour and ravish each other. The look on Codi’s face and the sounds that babe makes as this babe cums and cums anew is nice.

“His ramrod is, like, stupendous!” remembered Codi. “It’s very wide. It’s got lots of girth. That guy is very girthy so this charmer truly stretched me out and it felt great. I remember there was a part when this chap was holding me with my hand behind my back and was fucking me from behind, and that felt actually worthy, but this chab was holding me back, and if this chap had let go, I would’ve fallen on my face, and that was actually sexy.

“I think it had to do with the fact that it was kind of scary to potentially fall. I had to trust him to hold me and keep me there, and this chab did, and also the fact that we took our time getting there, and doing a lot of teasing and touching and giving a kiss and all of that beforehand made it precious.”

Sex is one of the ways Codi can be herself.

“Everything is raw. Anything is physical, animal and nice, and it gives me a chance to receive rid of all the little worries for a little during the time that. I indeed like that.”

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Ass-fucked by her grandson’s friend

Ass-fucked by her grandson’s ally

Ass-fucked by her grandson's friend

Maria Fawndeli is awaiting for her partner to acquire ready so they can go to a party. He’s running late. She’s impatient.

“You’re worse than a headmistress,” says Maria, who’s 60 years mature and wearing a hawt, cleavage-revealing suit.

When Maria walks downstairs, that babe sees her grandson’s ally, Brad, sitting on the bed. Seems adore that gent is awaiting for Maria’s grandson to come home so they can go out.

So Maria sits down next to him.

And begins rubbing his knob.

And then this babe takes his ramrod out and sucks it. Maria is a very noisy cocksmoker. This babe gives juicy, sloppy blow jobs. And this babe appears to be to have forgotten that her boyfriend is upstairs. Until this chab comes downstairs and shouts…

“What the hell are you doing over there?”

This chab is angry but not as angry as you’d think he’d be.

“Well, if this is what u wanna do, u might as well relish the hell without it,” Mr. Fawndeli says. “Incredible.”

Yep, wondrous is right. Meanwhile, her grandson’s ally is slapping his 10-Pounder against her face and she’s mouthing it adore it’s corn on the cob. And then her grandson’s ally bonks her cunt.

“As lengthy as you’re rogering happy,” Mr. Fawndeli says.

And then her butt.

And then her grandson’s ally is cumming all over Maria’s face.

Bears a resemblance to they’re plan to be late for that party.

And, yes, Maria is very fucking pleased.

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Tit Chat With Annabelle Rogers

Tit Chat With Annabelle Rogers

Tit Chat With Annabelle Rogers

We’re the 1st to admit it: Annabelle Rogers acquires us boob-drunk. Each time. It’s not a bad condition to be in as long as you are careful not to walk or drive through red lights whilst images of her large heavenly pointer sisters and captivating face float around in your mind.

“Usually, the first time I hook up with a stud, they’re love, ‘Oh my gosh, I need to cum on your tits. I get to tit-fuck you.'” Annabelle told. “Just cuz they’ve by no means been with a girl with such larger than standard zeppelins. But usually they need to the love tunnel, too.”

This tit-chat with Annabelle is on the lengthy side, clocking in at Thirty minutes of pure eye-candy, and it is worth every second. A lad can never get sufficient of a chick love her.

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Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse Mandy Muse
Mandy Muse @
Mandy Muse and her Partner flip homes for a living. They’re doing the last clean with out their latest investment, and they’ve already got a buyer lined up! Let us call him "The Investor", and, more importantly (for Mandy), that woman chaser is captivating…and dark! This babe knows this chab is well-endowed, too. So, love any wonderful cuckoldress, Mandy sends Husband over to pitch The Investor: not solely is Partner going to try and sell the home, but Partner is gonna suggest up his handsome, "booty-licious" wife as well! At first, The Investor isn’t sure what to make of both proposals, but soon he is getting his humongous tool sucked as Partner watches! Boyfriend is contented of his wife’s "head game". Spouse likewise likes watching Mandy receive tag-teamed out!! This day, The Investor is taking any and all of Mandy’s holes! Observe as this dude pounds away previous to dumping a giant load all over Mandy’s handsome bubble gazoo! The merely thing left is to do what any worthy cuckold would, which is a thorough clean-up! The Cuckold cleans all of The Investor’s mess – in advance of accepting his offer on the home! Win-Win all the way around!!
Mandy Muse Mandy Muse

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Mariah James vs. The Big One

Mariah James vs. The Large One

Mariah James vs. The Large One

Mariah James, who is 47 years old, divorced and a Mother, said us she one time had sex with a much-younger boy.

“He was inexperienced. I had to teach him,” this babe told.

She did not need to train JMac, who’s younger than her by 14 years but has fucked sufficient vixens to know what to do. Mariah thinks that babe can teach him a thing or two, but from the sounds of Mariah’s groans, he definitely knows how to eat her bawdy cleft. He likewise turns her upside-down and fucks her in the piledriver position. Then this chap cums on her face, so much cum that it drips onto her pantoons.

Oh, and how can we forget that when Mariah is upside-down and getting rogered piledriver-style, she tugs rock hard on her teats. This woman obviously knows what that babe urges.

“I’m usually the assured one, but it is valuable when the boy takes charge,” Mariah told.

Mariah is from Fresh Jersey. This babe is 5’4″ and has a weight of 128 pounds. That babe has great tan lines. You’re intend to adore the way that babe sucks and copulates. We guarantee it.

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Maria gets ass-fucked. Her husband watches.

Maria receives ass-fucked. Her hubby watches.

Maria receives ass-fucked. Her partner watches.

And now, we have reached the hardcore portion of Maria Fawndeli Week at

Maria is running late for a dinner party because her spouse is taking too lengthy getting willing. Hey, isn’t that what the mistress is supposed to do? Anyway, Mr. Fawndeli is about to learn that u do not keep a female love her awaiting. No. You just don’t. Because with time on her hands, Maria wanders downstairs and finds her grandson’s friend sitting on the couch. This babe flirts with him, and previous to lengthy, she’s got his cock in her mouth, and suddenly, Mr. Fawndeli comes downstairs, willing to go to the party, and…”What the fuck!”

Well, Maria isn’t one to not finish what this babe started, so this babe makes her partner view during the time that this babe sucks this dude’s 28-year-old schlong and has him copulate her taut fur pie. But the humiliation of her boyfriend isn’t entire until the juvenile fellow copulates her arse and cums all over her face.

Yes, Maria is married. Yeah, that is her real-life spouse. Maria is also a Mom and a grandmother. Yep, her grandchildren have friends. Yes, this could happen in real life.

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Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Terry Nova Is Nurse Greater than typical Scoops

Terry Nova Is Nurse Large Tits

Nurse Terry Nova‘s patient is in for a check-up. Terry tells him that his blood pressure check is good. The patient implores to see and touch Terry’s bigger than standard tits. He’s boob-struck. Obsessed. Over the edge. Fallen inflexible. There’s no cure. In fact, there is one cure.

Terry leans forward, her generous deep cleavage and 2 milk cans of pure enjoyment in nature’s garb below her nurse’s uniform. This babe lets her patient reach out and touch ’em. He’s in a trance and mumbles love a kooky gent. The feel and heaviness of Terry’s fullsome funbags are extraordinary. This lady-killer continues to knead them and removes the stethoscope from Terry’s neck so it’s out of the way.

The now-demented patient spreads up Terry’s uniform, takes her bouncy bosoms with out her beneath garment and sucks on her magnificent teats. Terry has inverted areolas but stimulation of his unbending engulfing has raised them to a point. He is a breast-man, no question. Terry joins him and they every take a nipp and suck with all the suction force they can muster.

Mangos spilling out of her uniform, Terry reaches out, lowers his trousers, takes his upright horn in her face hole and sucks deep, hands-free! Damn, did we miss Terry! Our cameraman gets in very close and knows to frame out the dude’s face whenever possible except when that ladies man licks Terry’s bawdy cleft to lubricate it for his pecker. Here is the cure for the health care crisis! And her name is Terry Nova!

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Mariah takes on JMac

Mariah takes on JMac

Mariah takes on JMac

In this scene, 47-year-old Fresh Jersey SEXY HOUSEWIFE Mariah James bonks JMac’s larger than standard strapon. Somehow, JMac’s meat-thermometer looks even greater when Mariah is engulfing and banging it than it usually does. Who knows why that is? It just is. She too takes his cum all over her face.

Mariah, who’s divorced, is a mom-next-door. She’s not a swinger or nudist. People would be surprised to see her here. She’s not a wild woman, at least compared to many of the other ladies we see here. Her wildest sexual experience?

“Sex in a clip theater.” But that babe says she often initiates sex and is turned-on by the idea of people watching her.

“My fantasy is to have sex with 2 dudes,” this babe told. “I’m one step closer to that now.”

JMac was worthwhile enough to copulate Mariah doggy style. We say precious sufficient ‘coz doggie-style is what receives her off majority priceless, and we bet you’d acquire off, also, with such a precious check out of her caramel can and puckered backdoor. Mariah’s second-favorite sex act is receiving oral-sex.

“If a lad goes down on me, I will be very giving in return. Make me cum with your tongue and I am all yours.”

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Maria tells us about herself and fucks herself

Maria tells us about herself and fucks herself

Maria tells us about herself and shags herself

This movie scene opens with 60-year-old wife, Mamma and grandmother Maria Fawndeli telling us all about herself. She’s such a good, pleasing female. Then Maria takes off her suit and unveils us how that babe can’t live without to shag her snatch with a sextoy. She’s such a sexy female, likewise, and this babe can’t live without to cum. She cums hard in this scene.

For these of you who like to fast-forward past the interviews and to the hot ram (and we do recommend that u observe the interview eventually; getting to know these honey bunnys makes ’em so much hotter), here are some of the highlights:

That babe and her partner of Twenty one years are swinger married couples. “We’ve experimented jointly. We have learned a lot together in 21 years. We have explored plenty of different varieties of sex. One of our things was, ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.’

“One of the things I’d adore to try is playing dress-up, and I would love to be a graduate from college who acquires jointly with some other pupil and takes on the graduating class. I have by no means done a train. I have at not time done more than three men at a time, so I’d love to try that. Kind of love a group action, but respectful. U take breaks in-between. You have enjoyment it. U slow down instead of just one after another.”

She’s a truck driver.

“One time, at the fuel avoid, I was flashing and my spouse was taking photos and we were enjoying that. Right in the fuel aisle! I got my nude booty out in my short little skirt and my high heels. I drive in heels with a short skirt, almost any of the time without any underwear. I one time did a little striptease in the lorry yard with my thongs pulled down as I cleaned the windshield, bent over and standing on the truck engine. Bent over and having enjoyment.”

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Jack, Suck & Tit-fuck

Jack, Engulf & Tit-fuck

Jack, Engulf & Tit-fuck

Codi Vore blows us and Brad Newman away when the big-boobed blond ravisher walks over to the abode where that gent is anxiously awaiting for Codi to worship his dong with her mambos, mouth and hands.

It’s a sunny, blue sky kinda day and the sight of Codi in a flowing robe, sheer lingerie with dark thongs and darksome nylons strolling in the garden on her way to her rendezvous is an erotic vision, a total erotic fantasy, dressed for night on a bright day.

“The 1st scene I did with a Lothario was this one with Brad Newman, and that was a lot of fun. That fellow has a big penis and I gotta engulf his strapon and use my mounds on him,” said Codi, who gave him the kind of 10-Pounder and ball engulfing and tit-fucking that many have wanted to see. It is shot in POV so each Lothario can set in himself into the act.

“Until this point, the solely modeling I’d ever done was bare or raunchy but mostly solo or girl-girl, and the only boy-girl I would done was non-professional, so I have just kinda discharged with my partners. I like the idea of having sex on-camera or in front of people. I mean, it means that I am hawt.”

Hawt is not the word. Codi is beyond hot because this babe brings her raunchy and seductive personality to this scene and her upcoming XXX scenes. Codi is in the moment and that makes all the difference in the world.

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It’s Maria Fawndeli Week!

It is Maria Fawndeli Week!

It's Maria Fawndeli Week!

This week at belongs to Maria Fawndeli, the 60-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from Washington who first took a bow final year.

Today: Solo photos in which Maria widens her snatch throughout her crotchless thongs and screws herself with a bigger than average sextoy.

Tuesday: An interview in which we must know her better plus video of Maria getting her legs back so that babe can get that sex tool deep into her cunt.

Wednesday: Photos of Maria getting ass-fucked whilst her partner watches.

And Thursday: The video version of that scene in which Maria receives her a-hole and twat slammed by her grandson’s friend.

Beautiful damn fantastic for a lady who had at no time drilled on-camera in advance of she came to our studio and said us, “I grew up as a religious goodie-two-shoes full of judgments and condemnations. This actually will be a banging shock to most of those who think they know me.

“I’d been releasing the fears, shame and guilt of my youth and religion and thinking about branching out and exploring my sexuality. I told my spouse that I would love to be in a sexy 60Plus mag for my 60th birthday. We looked up numerous online sites. I adore the presentations of the chicks at and we saw an advert that I responded to. I said to my boyfriend, ‘It’s time I branch out.’ So here I’m, and it’s awesome!”

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Giant Boobs of Switzerland

Humongous Zeppelins of Switzerland

Giant Titties of Switzerland

Marissa Kert is a fetish domina star from Switzerland. This babe loves to costume in skintight Latex garments and costumes.

The super-busty blond enjoys traveling, plan to the opera and visiting art galleries. Romantic, candlelit dinners are the kind of dates this babe can’t live with out to have.

Marissa wears a 38J-cup brassiere. This babe usually buys them in London where this babe told they’re facile to identify. Because her milk shakes are so greater than run of the mill and heavy and need major support, Marissa always wears a brassiere.

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A Touch of Frost

A Touch of Frost

A Touch of Frost

Diana Frost is from Riga, Latvia. We don’t find many angels from that nation. Those who’ve been longtime followers of SCORE and Voluptuous Beauties may remember some other big-boobed blond honey from Latvia back in 2002 and 2003: Inesse.

A literature teacher, Diana was spotted on Whatsapp by one of our glamour model finders who knows that the odds of a successful discover like Diana are one in a thousand. In Diana’s case, that babe had heard of SCORE and was interested in in nature’s garb modeling for us.

Diana had not at all posed previous to. That’s right, you’re looking at a video virgin with big, natural love muffins and a curvaceous body. Potential adult models should be cautious and do their homework 1st. After getting a brief lesson about SCORE and its decades-old history, Diana was game to join the Larger than standard Expose. This babe too was potty to try XXX scenes.

Diana was 16 when her adventures in breast growth actually began. (Inesse’s scoops began developing when she was 16, too.) She wears a bra most of the time and sleeps without one. Tit-men are drawn to her, naturally, and the least of her concerns are enough boys wanting to date her. There’s no shortage of ’em in her life.

“I’m 40% assertive in sex, 60% passive,” said Diana, who indeed has her carnal personality down to a science. She sounds more adore a math teacher than a literature instructor. It’s a great pleasure to watch her in hot outfits and her birthday suit.

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Payton and the young guy

Payton and the juvenile boy

Payton and the youthful guy

Payton Hall is Fifty six years mature.

Ricky, the lad this babe is sucking and screwing in those fotos, is 23. He looks a lot younger. This chab looks Eighteen, max. Believe us, he is 23. We have the evidence of age on file. But if you are into the old woman/younger chap thing–and we know almost all of you are–this scene is definitely for u.

“I came out here about six years ago and discharged for you, and it was one of the 1st real scenes I ever discharged,” told Payton, who’s a divorcee, Mamma and grandmother. “And when I came here, I was love, ‘Oh my god, this is so pleasure. This is what I wanna do all day daily.'”

When Payton 1st came to us in 2012, she was a real-estate broker and a swinging single who had sex on-camera for the 1st time. We enjoyed Payton so much that when this babe got back in touch with us and sent us her new test shots, we said, “Sure, we’d like to have you back!” So here’s Payton, not looking a day older than this babe did back in 2012.

And there is Ricky, probably not looking a day maturer than he did at Eighteen. This is a consummate combination.

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The Naked Truth About Rachael C.

The Nude Truth About Rachael C.

The Nude Truth About Rachael C.

Katie Thornton said Rachael C. about SCORE. “I’m so glad Katie told me all about u. I have been interested in SCORE for numerous years and I saw that Katie is a very popular covergirl. So I am glad to be here.”

Britain’s always been a hawt spot for adult models, and today, there are more opportunities for ’em than ever before thanks to technology. There’s likewise a lot more competition.

Rachael keeps a busy schedule but when this babe has play time, that babe likes going to rock festivals and concerts.

“I love to be taken control of. I want the Lothario to be in charge. I love it coarse a little bit. I love a fellow who can boss me around and tell me what to do. I might look innocent, but I’m not really. I guess my main fetish is being dominated in couch.

“Unfortunately, to tell u the truth, I haven’t had much time for bucks not long ago. It’s not that I don’t like bucks. I like them. I just haven’t had the time. My bullet and my rabbit are my paramount friends! A angel has to take care of herself somehow, you know!”

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Micky Lynn fucks her student

Micky Lynn bonks her pupil

Micky Lynn bonks her student

Micky Lynn, Fourty five, has been sat in her classroom expecting for her student to reveal up. But he’s late, and when this chap finally does arrive, Micky is not pleased with him.

“I’m plan to need to educate you a very wonderful lesson in how to be on-time and how to do things right,” Micky says. “You have to be on time ‘coz I’ve needs.”

Turns out he’s been having bother with his girlfriend.

“She doesn’t urge to have sex,” this Lothario says.

Micky does. As this babe told, that babe has needs.

“So maybe I’m gonna need to teach u a not many things that your girlfriend can not train u,” she says, then this babe pulls out his ramrod and begins mouthing it POV-style. Tons of this scene is discharged POV, and in the rest, we don’t see the guy’s face, so it could be u pounding Micky doggy style and shooting your load on her boobs and nice-looking face.

Micky, who’s a Mamma, is a former big-time sex star who’s back in the game after not quite Twenty years away.

“It feels different but the same likewise,” Micky said when we asked her how it feels to be back on-camera. “It feels so nice. I am a little maturer and a little wiser now, but I’ve still got it. I’m excited to meet all my new fans that are out there and acquire to know them, must comfort ’em, have to suck on schlong and play with myself and all that nice ram.”

All that nice ram, eh?

“I like to view all kinds of porn,” Micky told. “I adore to look at honey bunnys going down on chicks. I love to observe chaps and women and too men and chaps. I adore it all. Sex is carnal and it makes me feel so good.”

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