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Ginger Black – Ginger is the I.T. guy’s it girl

Ginger is the I.T. guy’s it girl

Ginger is the I.T. guy's it girl

“In my spare time, I identify out adult novelty shops and theaters,” told Ginger Black, a 41-year-old M.I.L.F. from Fresh Jersey. “It’s gripping to think that I might come into a store one day and see myself!”

That babe means pix of herself in 40 something magazine or maybe a DVD of this scene, Ginger’s first hardcore discharge.

“I wanted to try something new,” Ginger told when we asked her why she posted a listing on an Internet models-wanted web resource.

In this scene, Ginger is having a predicament with her laptop computer and calls an I.T. lad. This Lothario finds some racy pictures of Ginger on the PC. This babe tells him this babe does some cam-modeling. Then this babe sucks his ramrod and bonks him. The stud is J-Mac. Any first-timer who takes on JMac’s large dick is already in advanced territory.

Ginger has been a bartender, a waitress, an interior designer and a rack angel for a billiards company. That babe does have a admirable rack. Her milk sacks are DD-cups. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has two kids, and that babe is divorced. She’s a swinger.

“I would adore to try a facial cumshots contest,” this babe said. “I saw one online.”

Hey, we should have all of the members line up and stroke on her face.

“I’d love that,” she told.

We’re sure she would.

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Katarina Dubrova – Kat Loves Cream

Kat Likes Spunk

Kat Can't live without Cream

Katarina Dubrova is nearing the end of her gestation. She’ll be giving birth pretty soon. Her sex drive has been off the charts the past hardly any months as her hormones flood her pretty body. This year we’ve seen Melissa Mandlikova preggo as well as Natalie Fiore over at Kat is the friskiest of them all cuz she’s done several hardcore sex scenes on-camera.

Kat is dressed adore she’s preparing to become a house Mom. That babe unbuttons her dress and pulls her pregnancy-bloated bigger than standard mammaries with out her supportive undergarment. Taking a breast in her hands, that babe squeezes it. A not many droplets of pre-natal breast milk (called colostrum) drip out. Kat takes a can of whipped man juice and sprays her areolas. This babe sticks her long tongue out to take up with the tongue every nip and uses her fingers to scoop up some cock juice, popping them in her mouth. This babe has a lovely tooth.

Kat takes off her dress. Now this babe is just wearing mom knickers. That babe pulls it to the side to touch her clitoris and pink hole, then removes her briefs. Her bawdy cleft lips are thick and protruding. She uses 2 fingers to rub and pull on ‘em and rub her woman boner. Her groans of delight fill the kitchen. Kat wants more tingling and that babe desires to cum. This babe urges a toy to fill her up. There happens to be one right next to the stunner of apples on the counter. Kat sticks it in and her hand looks adore that babe is beating eggs. You can hear the squishing sound of her vagina getting luscious and gooey. She makes gratified sighs and to quench her enchanting tooth, sprays more whipped ball batter directly into her throat. Katarina, you are so sexy.

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Kendall Rex – Kendall’s first time

Kendall’s first time

Kendall's 1st time

That babe worked for a week at The Chicken Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, but chickened out when it came time to have sex with a customer. Two years ago, that babe was willing to break her on-camera cherry at but chickened out one time more. This time, though, Kendall Rex, a 56-year-old divorcee from Florida’s Gulf Coast, isn’t backing without anything. In fact, this babe is backing her enjoyable pussy right onto JMac’s big, hard dick.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a lengthy time, and I’m finally ready,” told Kendall, a swinger who has sex 2 or three times a day, daily. “Most people I know would be surprised to see me here, but I do have a scarcely any allies who are aware that I’m embracing the opportunity and encouraged me to just own it.”

In this scene, Kendall owns the delivery man’s jock. This babe tries on her recent crotchless straps for him. That gent tries out her face hole and muff. His peculiar delivery is cum in her slit.

Kendall enjoys skiing and swimming. That babe can’t live with out watching baseball, football and horse racing. We asked her about her hobbies, and that babe said, “I swing. That’s a hobby. I one time had a rooftop fuckfest at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale. I would adore to have a bang with five males.

“At Harrah’s in Recent Orleans, I picked up a man who I did a golden shower on. I’d never done that previous to. I need to admit, this chab was an outstanding bawdy cleft eater.”

Yep, Kendall is a wild one. As you’re about to see.

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Cat Bangles – Cat Goes To The Mall

Cat Goes To The Mall

Cat Goes To The Mall

It is getting close to a year since bodaciously bountiful Cat Bangles sent in her snaps. She’d not ever modeled before, yet that babe turned out to be a natural at it and a quick learner at everything. Cat says this babe has “quick learning” skills. Over the summer, Cat visited the noted Coconut Grove (“Cat’s Coconuts”) and the digital camera followed her. This time that babe visits a local mall, tries on some hot outfits and has lunch. Valuable times for Cat, more good times for boys who like large breasted angels.

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Cammille Austin – Busty, pierced and slutty

Busty, pierced and randy

Busty, pierced and randy<b></b>” title=”Busty, pierced and lascivious<b></b>” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=Cammille is the type of beauty who acquires our blood flowing to all of the right places. At a vivacious Fifty six, it appears she is only just hitting her sexual prime and she–with the full support of her husband–is indulging her deepest urges with childlike delight.

40SOMETHING: Is this the first time you have modeled professionally?
CAMMILLE: That is right. I’ve done some home videos and things like that, but by no means in a experienced studio love this.

40SOMETHING: So what made u take the jump to shoot with us?
CAMMILLE: It is exciting. And I’d have to say it makes my sex life with my husband more gripping, too. This chab loves it. That lady-killer likes to check out.

40SOMETHING: So what influenced u to commence making home videos?
CAMMILLE: Indeed, it was my spouse. We just started experimenting in the bedroom. It started with pictures, and then we moved on to clips. We would call up some of his friends, and this chab would tape us during the time that we had sex. We actually enjoyed it and just kept on doing it.

40SOMETHING: So tell us a little bit more about yourself.
CAMMILLE: Well, I am from Arkansas, and it’s a very conservative area. I think we’re classified as the “Bible Thong.” It is a slight community, so if people at home saw me here they would be shocked. Very shocked.

40SOMETHING: What’s your occupation back home?
CAMMILLE: I am a surgical nurse. I really work in the operating room with my partner.

40SOMETHING: Do u and your partner consider yourselves swingers?
CAMMILLE: No, I don’t think u could call us swinger couples. The rule at our abode is that that man shares me, but I don’t share him. This smooth operator is stuck with me.

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Cat Bangles – Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Bangles can’t live out of to cook.

“I’m Puerto Rican, so I can cook Spanish food. I lived in the South for 2 years, so I can cook Southern food. U know, gravy, biscuits, macaroni and cheese and all that. I like to do a little bit of everything.”

Cat was turned loose in the kitchen. And she indeed cooked. But not Puerto Rican dishes. Cat cooked herself. And then that babe used the faucet to nifty off her shapely and hot Latina body.

What does Cat think about her pictures and movies at SCORELAND? It is been close to a year since this babe first took a bow.

“I like ‘em,” says Cat. “I am amazed at how sexy the photos are. I even masturbate often to my own magazines!”

That’s a helluva endorsement. But the content is merely as fine as the cutie. And Cat has the magic.

“I can not prevent looking at ‘em. So hot! The lad I observed ‘em with was so concupiscent. I could see his passion on his face and in his trousers. We got so sexually excited.”

No doubt Cat cooked his goose.

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Amy Anderssen – If The Bra Fits, Fuck Amy’s Tits

If The Brassiere Fits, Copulate Amy’s Milk shakes

If The Below garment Fits, Bonk Amy's Tits

Amy Anderssen has gone shopping. And what did Amy shop for? That garment that’s revered by all at SCORELAND. Brassieres. They hold the goodies that Amy can’t live out of so dear. That babe can’t live with out to shop for them. Dressing her large funbags is very important to Amy.

Amy desires to put on a intimate beneath garment undressed modeling expose for Tony Rubino. That dude won’t receive to jack to those Victoria’s Secret catalogs anymore. Not after seeing Amy’s breast valley concert and getting her to play his skin flute. But 1st, the warm-up.

Amy’s first partiality looks also miniature to cover her mammoth jugs. “I can make it work,” says Amy. We know she will. The candy-colored couple of boulder holders Amy picks unveils tons of undercleavage and doesn’t cover all of her large areolae. But ya gotta admit, her scoops are thrust forward so far and poked together, you could rest two cocktails on her boob shelf. Tony finds a place for his face in that taut space.

Amy leaves and returns with 2 more bras. Tony helps her put on a purple number. Amy knows scones and brassieres so she dictates him on adjusting the fit. It doesn’t pass her test. “There’s likewise much give to this one,” a frowning Amy tells him. This babe wishes to try the third one if Tony will acquire his mitts of her mellons.

After putting on bra #3, Amy strikes a pose and asks him what he thinks, then aims her bubble a-hole in his direction and twerks it. Tony buries his face between her ass cheeks. She twerks her ass one more time against his package. This smooth operator can’t take anymore.

Amy unbuckles him and engulfs his hard-on betwixt her lips and sucks it hands-free. Her mouth trickle with thick saliva strings. Laying on her back, Amy urges Tony’s weenie betwixt her super-colossal jugs 1st previous to her pinkalicious pooswaa is filled and fucked in her much loved poses.

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Ginger Black – What’s on Ginger’s hard drive?

What’s on Ginger’s hard drive?

What's on Ginger's hard drive?

Ginger Dark, a 41-year-old MILF from Fresh Jersey (she lives in Los Angeles), is having bother with her laptop computer. It is just not working, so that babe asks Mr. Mac to fix it. But when Mr. Mac starts looking around inside her stiff drive, this chap comes up with some saucy pictures of Ms. Dark.

“I do some cam-modeling,” Ginger tells him. “Maybe u can aid me. Would you love to be on-camera?

Hey, anything to acquire over here a brickhouse piece of booty love Ginger. That babe is a blonde with worthwhile, big bosoms and a large, firm arse. She has the kind of body that can take a pounding, and Mr. Mac–alias JMac–bangs her rock hard in advance of he squirts his juice all over her charming face.

Ginger used to be a shot girl. U know, one of those angels who goes around a bar or lap dancing club selling shots.

“The sexier I looked, the more tips I got,” this babe told.

Ginger looked very hot when we identified her on an Internet web page for prospective glamour models.

“I wanted to try something recent,” she told.

Fucking hung males on-camera is something fresh for Ms. Darksome, who’s divorced and has 2 children.

“I have been swinging since my Twentys,” she told. “My wildest experience was at a lap dancing club called Role Play when I was the center of attention of a group sex with multiple chaps and honey bunnys. Most people I know wouldn’t be surprised to see me here. They know I’ve a wild side. I adore being fastened up and blindfolded. I like to engulf wang. I have sex at least twice a day. I was the host of a gangbang party with 10 chaps. I’m constantly trying recent things, the kinkier the more jaw-dropping.”

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Chery Leigh – How to get into Chery Leigh’s ass

How to get into Chery Leigh’s gazoo

How to acquire into Chery Leigh's ass

This video, Chery’s 3rd at, opens with the 56-year-old wife and Mommy from Florida being interviewed and giving us helpful tips on how to properly fuck her arse.

“Fuck that love tunnel then bonk the gazoo,” this babe says. “You could end up doing no thing but anal but…I’m gonna need to just display u.”

So Rocky, who’s Twenty four years mature, sits on the bed next to Chery, and that babe unveils him. Well, eventually that babe exposes him. 1st this babe sucks his wang. Then this gent eats her bawdy cleft. Then that Lothario eats her wet crack during the time that fingering her arsehole (that’s one of Chery’s tips). Then this lady-killer shags her asshole in four poses (count Them!) previous to cumming on her butthole.

Can u do what Rocky did? We’re sure you could. It’s easy when u have a Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK like Chery guiding u.

“Don’t be bashful,” Chery said. “Just talk to me. Action yourself. Being a gentleman goes a long way.”

A long way towards getting into Chery’s butthole, that’s.

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Harlow Nyx – The Girl From The Show-Me State

The Gal From The Show-Me State

The Goddess From The Show-Me State

Harlow Nyx is a playgirl from the “Show-Me State” and that’s exactly what this babe does. Harlow has a shapely, sexy body, bigger than typical natural breasts and a glamorous face. Add to all that a red-hot sex drive in 3rd gear, and she’s not shy about showing her ram or talking about it. All of these qualities and this babe can’t live out of to tell bedtime stories about her sexual peccadilloes. No neck kissing for Harlow. She’s bad and satisfied of it. In her almost any recent XXX scene, this babe told Tony right off the snap, “I don’t truly crave to have to know you. I just wanna copulate.”

“I wasn’t the oral sex hotty,” Harlow said us. “I was more the park-bench sex cutie. Or the slip. Or the back seat of my car. U have to be indeed precious to acquire a blow job from me. Back then, in any case. I was a good hotty in high-school. I solely screwed. If u wanted a oral sex from me, you had to stick around for a whilst. I’m really fine at giving them, so I’m not plan to bless you with a blow job unless you are intend to do smth for me. Literally, my friend’s ex was like, ‘Why don’t you engulf on it, cutie?’ And I was adore, ‘You need to have smth to keep me coming back.’ This charmer had a really, indeed large pecker, and this buck was my supreme friend’s ex-boyfriend, and this fellow came over and was talking to me love, ‘I’m so sad. I miss her so much.’ And I was adore, ‘Well, I have heard some things about u. Larger than standard dick things. And we went and did things in my bedroom.'”

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Sasha Sean – Sasha and the BBC

Sasha and the BBC

Sasha and the BBC

In this scene, 48-year-old Sasha Sean, a sex star in the 1980s who’s making her comeback at, sucks and copulates a large, darksome pecker.

40SOMETHING: Ever given a oral-sex below the table in a restaurant?
SASHA: Yes. I started jerking him off beneath the table.

40SOMETHING: Did somebody wonder where you’d gone?
SASHA: No, and if they did, I did not care. But I’ve got a better story. When I was Nineteen, I was dating an 18-year-old lad, and we went to a nightclub and we were on the dance floor and it was summer, so I had a diminutive sundress on, and I unzipped his trousers and pulled his dick out on the dance floor and turned around, and we fucked on the dance floor in front of all these people. And everybody was adore, “No way!” Some people avoided and watched. It was not even a swingers’ club or a titty bar. It was a regular strip club.

40SOMETHING: Did u cum?
SASHA: No, but this dude came. This chab got scared. Chaps acquire so scared. Why are you boys so scared all the time? Whenever I wanna pull off to the side of the road and bonk, it is always the boy who says, “What if somebody sees?” Women have become so adventurous sexually. The dudes are always hesitant.

40SOMETHING: How aged were u when you got into porn the first time?
SASHA: 18. Right after my birthday. I was stripping in L.A., and this goddess I worked with in the Valley said, “I’m intend to go do a porno the next day.” Her name was Candy Evans. That babe said, “Do u wanna go?” and I told, “I cant do porn.” That babe told, “No, u can.”

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Hayden – A Famous Amateur

A Illustrious Dilettante

A Renowned Amateur

Hayden already had a cult following on the internet when this babe came to SCORE. This babe is a breasty businesswoman with an exhibitionistic streak that that babe pleasured through combining a lusty sex drive with photography and the internet. In advance of the internet and digital cameras became popular and usable, chicks love Hayden would take in nature’s garb pics just for their lovers and husbands or for Nasty Neighbors magazine. Originally, she blurred her face. Later on, she did hardcore movies at home without hiding her face.

Hayden’s signifcant other is the right smooth operator for a woman adore her. He likes taking fotos of her in sexy, constricted sexy clothes that emphasizes her astronomical bouncy bosoms and erection-making body. Parks, beaches, elevators, adult underware shops, hotel rooms. The husbands of Barbie Kelley, Kelly Christiansen and Shelby Gibson and the ex of Diane Poppos have the same yen that compels them to constantly take hot fotos and movies of their wives.

“I had posted some images on a voyeur web page and somebody wrote in saying I should consider glamour modeling for Voluptuous,” Hayden said. “So I submitted some images and got a good response.”

“I do all sorts of things on my site, from dressed images, very candid, to things more risqué adore posing as the gal next door, peeking throughout her bedroom window or in the bathroom. I also do topless and insertion and things like that. I’ve tons of fun when I do the fotos. I’m a sexual gal. I love vids and I like fotos. I’ve pleasure those things. I believe it’s very important to keep things exciting and erotic. I know it probably sounds unusual, but I truly do have enjoyment watching porn. I like watching movie scenes. It’s a humongous turn-on for me. I enjoy seeing the interaction of males and honeys jointly. I adore the hardcore ram. I like seeing hotties jointly. I just think it’s fun and gives me ideas to add creativity to my sex life.”

In advance of Hayden got into the public flashing and exhibitionism, that babe considered that almost any terrible of acts, a breast reduction.

“I guess I didn’t see ‘em as necessary. I thought they were much also large for any good use. I have no idea. I guess I didn’t have anyone enjoying them like I do now. It was just something I had thought about for many years, so I went to see a doctor. I even went throughout the entire process, then I got down to the very final appointment, just in advance of my surgery, and decided against it. In my heart, I was not 100% sure I wanted to go ahead with it. It is not reversible. U can not have a reduction and then go back up anew and have them look natural, so I thought, ‘This is the way that I’m and I’m going to make it work and be pleased with it.’ I am so glad every single day that I did not make that decision.”

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Jordan Pryce – Bowling For Boobs

Bowling For Pantoons

Bowling For Boobs

Each topic Jordan talks about always leads to sex. For Jordan, it’s all about in-your-face sex and showing her body and bigger than run of the mill bazookas.

Big busted golden-haired Jordan Pryce calls herself JordanFuckDoll on Twitter. She’s originally from Russia and lives in United Realm. The funniest line she’s heard yet from a boy was, “You’ve got bigger in size than average breasts. Let’s have sex.”

Jordan likes to play dress-up and that babe can’t live out of to wear uniforms. “I’m always up for sex,” says Jordan. ‘Every day. I adore sucking pecker and fucking. I like to spit on my bosoms and I adore to drink. My much loved position is being on top.”

“I was born in Moscow, and I live in London. I saw SCORELAND on the Internet and thought, ‘I should be there. I have large bazookas love those gals and I can copulate love those angels, also. I love my mangos! They’re my superlatively good feature. I cant await to show them to all the SCORE boys.”

“I like hawt, tight, little hawt outfit and outfits that expose off my large love bubbles to the maximum. I always dress to show off my boobs. I wear little skirts to expose off my legs and high heels, also, but everywhere I go, the fellows and honeys look at my bazookas. The sweethearts point at them, and the men always look at my pointer sisters, not at my face.”

Jordan’s first SCORE glamour photoshoot was shot in a bowling alley. She’ll be bowling for a boning there the next time we watch her.

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Chery Leigh – Chery’s happy anal return

Chery’s cheerful anal return

Chery's cheerful anal return

A year and a half agone, Chery Leigh sauntered into our studio for the first time. That babe had sex with a charmer who was a little younger than her. That babe got ass-fucked by a gent who was a lot younger than her.

“It was outstanding,” Chery said. “I was blown away. The treatment, the way everything is done, the attention to detail. I had a lot of enjoyment, but they made me wanna do more and do more astounding the next time the opportunity arrived.”

The opportunity has arrived, and here’s Chery, now Fifty six years old, getting butt-fucked afresh by a 24-year-old.

“I was very amorous to come back,” Chery said.

Chery showed up in our studio with her spouse in tow and her children back home in South Florida. Here, this tall, MILFy blond is wearing a short animal-print costume, red heels and red knickers. The final time she was here, Chery described herself as an “anal sex apprentice.” Now, this babe says, “Anal sex can be very sexual. It just depends on the complete approach. I like to have my cum-hole fondelled during the time that I’m having anal-copulation. There’re ways to really make it raunchy. The key is how it is done.”

For example, eat her bawdy cleft, not her booty, but stick a finger in her dark hole. Screw her wet crack then bonk her wazoo.

“There are many approaches but that works well,” Chery said.

Chery’s booty receives rogered plenty of ways in those pics. Which position is your favorite?

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Claudia KeAloha – Doin’ The Nasty With A Stacked Lap Dancer

Doin’ The Nasty With A Stacked Lap dancer

Doin' The Naughty With A Stacked Lap Dancer

Claudia KeAloha’s favorite way to take care of a boy she is in sofa with? “Well as u may have seen in my vids I like giving head,” says Claudia. “I adore to receive my fellow very stiff by giving him head before I let him in my fur pie.”

One of the things a lad can do to please the busty lapdancer to no end is to worship the copulate with out her big zeppelins and that is what she craves Rocky to do. One time that smooth operator does, Claudia is all over his knob, mouthing it down unfathomable and squashing it inside her boob valley. This scene is smoking hot thanks to her.

When Claudia bonks with a dude, she is hawt, passionate and maddest. Smutty words pour of her face hole and her lusty moans fill the bedroom. Claudia is one of the rare SCORE Girls who says the word cookie. The harder this babe is drilled, the hornier she acquires. Rocky fills her bawdy cleft unfathomable, stretching her snatch valuable. That babe grinds on it adore she’s giving his 10-Pounder a exotic dance. Fucking doesn’t get any hotter.

“I like titty squeezing and mouthing foreplay. Giving a kiss and my scones being sucked make me cum the hardest. I urge my spouse to come in my throat or on my bumpers.”

When their wild coupling reaches its peak, super-sexy Claudia widens her throat to drink the nut-milk of his nuts. Some of it lands on her greater than run of the mill tits. She licks her fingers to receive as much as that babe can in her cum-covered face hole.

SCORE: Do bucks in lap dancing clubs recognize you from SCORE? What is their reaction for the first time, if they do.

Claudia: Yeah! They cant make almost certainly of is indeed me. They check their phones and view my links.

SCORE: Is your sex drive stronger now than when u were just starting to explore your sexuality?

Claudia: Yeah, like with anything else, experience counts, dear. Now I know what I wish and how I wish it.

SCORE: Has lap dancing in a disrobe club and undressed modeling increased your raunchy appetite or would it be the same with out that environment?

Claudia: It has increased my knowledge of how to please a lady-killer. My sex drive was always high. Now I’m a lot more assertive in bed and willing to try almost anything. Except anal.

SCORE: U were in a threesome with Rocky and Johnny Champ and now you are in this scene with Rocky. Is it any different when you are with a porn boy you’ve previously done a scene with?

Claudia: I did have joy being with 2 boyz. I’ll be honest, Johnny is way likewise large for my size cum-hole. But we did plenty of foreplay off-camera to pull that scene off. Rocky is larger than run of the mill but very doable and tasty.

SCORE: When the cameraman was not rolling, what did you and Rocky do until it was time to resume the enjoyment?

Claudia: Me and Rocky had talked story, like we say in Hawaii, and got to know every other quite a bit during the time that we were at the dressing room and awaiting. We did play a little to begin preparing for our scene likewise.

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Brandi Jaimes – The 48-year-old stripper

The 48-year-old sexy dancer

The 48-year-old stripper

“I had a 22-year-old as my regular chap toy for over a year,” told Brandi Jaimes, a 48-year-old wife, Mamma and grandmother from Florida. “I was in many trios with him and my husband.”

Brandi’s a wild one. You know a woman’s wild when she’s exotic dancing at age 48.

“I just like to have enjoyment,” Brandi said. “That’s why I decided to shoot porn with u!”


“I’m into gangbang and gangbangs containing studs and women. I like cumshots and facials by many fellows. It is the finest way to keep the skin squishy and young-looking. I also relish public exhibition, light bondage, being strapped in a swing or bent over in a bench during the time that a few boys run a train on me as I am engulfing 10-Pounder and jerking them off. I love fotos and videos of me, also! I get the most carnal satisfaction without deep-throating a ding-dong while getting fucked, and I love squirting until I am wet. I think you could say I love to be succulent in general, whether it’s with my own cum or that of several other chaps. Of course I love to be watched, but I likewise desire these watching to join in the joy and receive into it however they wanna.”

If merely we could, Brandi. If only we could.

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