XLGirls SP #149: 50 Images of Devin Taylor

XL Girls: Suppose we saw u at the supermarket. What would you wear?
Devin: I wear tons of skirts, short tops. Not too many v-necks ‘coz I receive stared at. There’s that idea that if u have large knockers, you’re trampy or looking for attention, but I have had ’em all my life! And it drives me barmy when people think ‘cuz I’ve big milk sacks that I’m deaf. Boyz, if I’m walking by and u say, “Look at these milk sacks,” I can hear you! It would be worthwhile if u said I had marvelous eyes or something.
XL Girls: Do u acquire compliments on your face, which is quite gorgeous?
Devin: I receive compliments on my smile. I am actually pretty demure in real life.

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