XL Gals SP146: 40 Pix of Monique

XLGirls: How did u resolve to become a glamour model?
Monique: Being an exhibitionist, I love being contented of my size and showing what I’ve got.
XLGirls: Have u always been an exhibitionist?
Monique: I’ve always been very confident. I always clothed to show off. I’ve not at all wanted to hide it. I was blessed with this, so why not show it?
XLGirls: When did you 1st realize that you were an exhibitionist?
Monique: I suppose I have always known it. I’ve at no time been ashamed of my body and I never had a problem being stripped. I don’t think anybody should. I guess a stripped body is indeed handsome, so why not show it? If other people savour it, even better, and if they don’t, do not look!


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