XL Beauties SP146: 40 Pix of Evzenie

Majority breast-men will tell you that they dislike tattoos right on the fun bags. Each glamour model seems to acquire some kind of tattoo these days. Finding anybody with un-inked skin is the exception, not the rule. Evzenie’s had a tat on one of her gigantic hooters since we met her and this babe obviously enjoys how it looks. Feeling cranky, CALVIN from England had a have to express his opinion. “Sometimes tattoos can be disguised with raiment but you cannot always do this. What is that rubbish Evzenie has on her breast in any case? I make almost certainly of the airbrush should be used to tidy up marks on images of the hopeless cases.” Sometimes, GREGORY, you must go with the flow and just accept tat for tit. There was no point in altering Evzenie’s pictures. Her tit-tat is as much a part of her personality as her hair coloring.


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