Workout With Rachel

Workout With Rachel

We join Rachel Raxxx at the mirrored SCORE gym for a workout. All the equipment is here. Weights, mats, vibrating wand. Wand? Well, that is for the cool-down phase along with dousing her unforgettable juggs with water. In school, which was not so long ago since she’s only Nineteen years aged, Rachel was very sporty. Track. Discus. Cross-country.

“I was indeed the slowest runner cuz I couldn’t move as fast,” Rachel said. “My mounds not at all fell out when I ran, not with the bandage and the sports bra and the tight shirt. It held them, but it made it harder to breathe. Discus was a lot easier. So was shot-put. You throw a weighted ball as far as u can. U throw it underhand. They’re little balls, and u turn your body and swing it and throw it.”

She had us at “little balls.”

“I’ve always been tiny beneath, around my waist so my mounds are popping out. They’ve always been the giant part of my body since, love, seventh grade. This is the mammoth I’ve ever been. [Rachel’s bust is 30JJ at final measure. Don’t forget she is still growing.] I don’t eat red meat. No pork, no beef, mostly chicken, fish and vegetables.”

Rachel is an anatomy reward winner in our book. In this photo-shoot, she gives us some very sexy pumped up moves and poses that are also great tit shots, such as #’s Twenty three, Twenty eight, Twenty nine, 48–the bouncing meatballs series–and 80.

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