Why Boys Go To Medical School

A hardly any years ago, we made a flick called Double-Stuffed Plumpers about two bucks who became fake doctors to meet and sex lush angels. That is why we believe the boy in those pix is a fraud likewise. With glamourous, 38J-cup patients like Scarlett Rouge in need of examinations, it’s no wonder why fellows become gynos. U have to wonder what real-life gynecologists need to think when hawt mods like Scarlett Rouge (and all SCORELAND adult models, in fact) visit their offices for a check-up. Ok, they probably don’t fuck ’em in their exam rooms like this healthy little physical here. Probably. But we’re positive they need to be thinking smth along those lines coz they’re lads first, gynos second. Soever the reality, it is enough to make u think of applying to medical school. Sure, almost any patients don’t have a rack like Scarlett, but a scarcely any a week is enough to ease the pain a doctor has dealing with the skanky ones. “I’ve dated some real breast bucks, and it’s nifty cuz they’re like lads with their favorite toys,” Scarlett said. “They’re so glad! Like when I’m giving a stud a oral-service, I’ll wrap my scones around his rod. Guys like that.” See what Scarlett means!

Why Lads Go To Medical School

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