Wet-T Car Wash

Wet-T Car Wash

It’s wonderful to be a car when Princess Pumpkins is handling the car washing duties. Her taut tank top and shorts were drenched in sudsy water so there was only one thing to do. This is Princess’s much loved discharge so far. “I got to play with bubbles!” she told.

SCORELAND: So what do you love about greater than typical, round marangos?

Princess: I adore the feel of implants.

SCORELAND: Do u always dress to expose them off?

Princess: There’s no way to be modest. I’m not truly modest, besides. I suit to reveal off my body. I’ve a admirable body and really don’t care if people do not adore it. I feel valuable and that is what matters.

SCORELAND: You are actually lascivious to be a SCORE Goddess, aren’t you?

Princess: Yep. Ecstatic! It’s the giant booby company that is out there and it’s so popular, and being part of it’s a great opportunity. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for me. One time you’ve that SCORE name, you have made it to the top.

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