Warm Man-juice For A Hawt Kitty

Kitty LEE is either PMSing or just feeling like a bitch. Maybe it’s from all the butter and eggs that this babe and TODD have just eaten. They’ve just gotten back from their meal and as the movie opens, Kitty is already accusing him of staring at her whoppers at the restaurant table the whole time. So? That’s not correct? Their little spat escalates. ZACHARY counters and tells Kitty this babe likes to flaunt her jugs, which that woman chaser can’t live out of. Bemused and copping an attitude, Kitty claims her billibongs are not that big. GENE tells her she’s in denial. Kitty doesn’t like being bossed around but it’s in Tony’s nature to set up and control the sex play. Their bickering is like foreplay and acquires them charged. MANUEL dives for Kitty‘s floppers, gripping her. They both disrobe for action. Kitty‘s humongous mambos provide a soft valley for his rock hard one. Kitty calls him a ribald petticoat chaser but who’s that babe kidding? That babe can’t live without aggressive, dirty lads no matter what that babe may say and this babe loves their ribald knobs in her mouth and betwixt her cleavage. She just plain can’t live without naughty dudes who are completely into rogering her and who love slobbering over her large bra buddies. Fuck, that’s why she’s making porn episodes. That babe loves sexual, porn sex, not love-me-do sex. Kitty is a true sex kitten, a fleshy, meaty, no-nonsense broad, as pro with jock and balls as this chab is with large pointer sisters and thick twat lips. ALAN wants her to talk obscene as this chab tells her what to do. That babe drives him to the brink of delirium by engulfing his ramrod and letting him fuck her marangos. She has a great set of cocksucking lips and this babe knows how to push all of his buttons. He’s maddest and doesn’t know what to do next with Kitty‘s body, like a kid in a candy store. ANTHONY can’t help but to instruct her around as this lady-killer drives his pole past her thick fur pie lips, first in missionary position, then in side-saddle and finally with Kitty in a reverse cowgirl. In this final fuck-pose, this chab can reach ramming speed. For one final group sex, the plow-boy pumps her from behind in doggie. This chab knows from instinct that this babe loves it rigid. We can watch her pink flaps sticking to his shaft as that buck drills in and out. This chab tells her to say this babe wants him to come on her wobblers. This chab needs to hear this from her lips. As in a short time as Kitty says it, that stud jacks his ball-cheese all over her bouncy mammaries. If u love hardcore action with Voluptuous honey bunnys, this movie scene is a tit-packed bangathon made for jackin’. We don’t think they ever drilled again but they looked like they made the almost any of it during the time that it lasted.

Warm Goo For A Sexy Kitty


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