Voluptuous Theater: 25:24 Minute Movie of Sapphire

So part 2 of this Sapphire interview (June ’07 V-Mag) solely took four years to whole. We have waited longer for other adult models. It was a work in progress, like Sapphire is a female-dom work of art in progress. Back in 2003, no one thought Sapphire would come back with extra boobage and supplementary curves. (Sometimes adult models do not come back at all. They stop modeling. They meet some dark-skinned hole partner. And other reasons.) And winning the contest to elect Plumper of the Year? “Well, I suppose it shows that real chaps out there do not care so much for the sort of woman everybody is told they should like,” Sapphire astutely observes. “You know, the anorexic sort. I am a real female with real, large pantoons who lives a real life. I am grateful for the guys out there who are turned on by a full-figured headmistress. I guess majority studs feel that way, if they were honest with themselves. I think it [her decision to try XXX] may have gotten some more attention for me, so yep, it may have gotten me a few bigger in size quantity votes. I know almost any lads like to see hardcore scenes so that’s one bigger amount reason I wanted to give it a try. Not to win an award, that was a total surprise, but just to please my fans even more than I was previous to.” Click for part one. Running TIme: 25:24


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