Voluptuous Theater: 25:14 Minute Episode of Samantha Kay

Samantha Kay calls the maintenance charmer coz she’s having problems with her pipes. And that why she needs pipe support. The grizzled handyman that shows up looks like that charmer could do with some pipe laying himself. Samantha’s got a full, round arse and an heavy couple of milky, creamy hangers. “Forty-six double-Ds and all real,” this babe tells ‘Mr. Roper,’ who is impressed by that. Even bigger quantity captivating is when Samantha begins squeezing moo-juice with out her jugs, giving Mr. Roper a smack that stud hasn’t sampled in over 40-odd years. A display of Samantha jumping up and down follows with her hooters flying in each direction. Samantha squats over his face and this fellow licks her vagina. The sex noises that babe makes are not often heard in a movie. Her shrieking and squealing is intensive, just like Samantha herself.

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