Voluptuous Theater: 17:02 Minute Episode of Aspen

V-Mag: I understand you’ve a a matter of joke story about the Voluptuous issues you were in.
Aspen: A couple of years ago I moved and I had all of the Voluptuous issues I have been in all jointly in a bag. I did not urge everyone to see them when I moved, so I put ’em in the trunk of my car below the flap where the spare tire is. Well, I forgot about them being there. Later I traded my car in, and I was thinking and feeling like I had forgotten something, but I just couldn’t remember what it could be. 3 days later it hit me like a ton of bricks and I thought, “Oh, my God! My magazines!” So, I called the dealership and said I had just traded my car and I thought I had left smth in the trunk. They told they had gone all through it and hadn’t identified everything. So, I feel sure they identified them and I can only imagine that now they are all over the shop of this car dealership. I was so embarrassed. I mean, not that I indeed care, but they played dumb and I could tell that they had the magazines. But I figure that unless somebody was smart enough to realize that the same adult model was in every of the issues, they just thought I was some sweetheart with a bunch of adult magazines in my car!

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