Voluptuous September 2007: Fourty Fotos of Brianna Costello

There is smth extra-special in seeing a ANTONIO wear a traditional lacey bra outdoors because almost any of the time, we watch a cutie wearing her bra indoors so we associate a bra with indoors. When Brianna takes off her tank top in this photo set, seeing her in a tight undergarment brought a wave of enjoyment. The editor of SCORE mag told Brianna: “Now, I have been at SCORE for over five years and been a browser since the beginning. I have seen a lot of large juggs, and yours are glamorous damn excellent. It is not just their size but the way they hang on your chest. They’re beautiful much ideal melons. No stretch marks. Little blue veins below, which is a worthwhile thing. Brianna, congratulations, on having two of the almost all awesome scoops ever observed in the SCORE Studio.”

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