Voluptuous October 2007: 40 Fotos of Kerry Marie

One of Kerry’s jobs previous to being detected by Linsey Dawn McKenzie was as a dental hygienist. Then it was off to topless photo modeling. So in advance of we are accused of being a bad influence by having our models eat chocolate ice spunk bars, we would like to state that Kerry in fact brushed her teeth after this pictorial was completed. She showered the sticky sex cream off her magnificant body as well although we’ve no pics of that precious activity. Somehow we just cant imagine plan to the dentist and having Kerry assist him as they pushed and drilled our teeth. The image of the dentist trying to fix a tooth with Kerry in her white, low-cut dental hygienist’s uniform hovering over us, her stupendous deep cleavage pantoons solely a fraction of an inch from our noses, is also much to handle. No, that babe was meant for better.

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