Voluptuous May 2007: Fourty Fotos of Petra

Would you share tequila body shots with this goddess? You’re damned right you would. There are times when we see fotos of Petra and think she’s Anastasia, especially now that she is blonded up her hair from its original, darksome brunette hair. They could be cousins. But Petra has that (for lack of a bigger quantity breathtaking name) “matchstick man” tattoo on her right arm. “I think I am as sexy as the other Eastern European gals in SCORE,” says Petra, with the help of one of our Czech speaking photographers. “Marketa, Veronika, Iva are Czechs like me. I’d have liked to be with ’em to make Big boobed Euro Maids. I’ve looked at the SCORE web site. I would lick their wet cracks and fuck them with toys, and fuck the males with ’em. The Polish beauty Ines is so alluring and that babe has good muff lips. She has bigger pink flaps than I have. I would engulf and pull on ’em with my throat. I can taste in my mind how salty and musky they are. Well, maybe SCORE will think of me next time for big photo shoots with other Czech and Polish cuties.”


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