Voluptuous May 2007: Fourty Fotos of Gillian (Now Samantha Sanders)

Samantha Sanders isn’t modest nor does this babe ever must be. That babe can happily boast about having great, big, sexy, mountainous sucklers with our blessings. Samantha tells us that majority men who come to her apartment love to observe her “fantastic” juggs. If they get fortunate. “You must accede they are magnificant,” that babe says. We do agree. Samantha’s mams are 32JJ, which sounds like “Double-Jehhh” when DARRELL says it in her Brit accent. Her jug container is unhooked, leaving two heavy scones to hang free. This babe gives them a hearty squeeze and plays with her nipples for as long as our photographer wishes her to in advance of they move on.


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