Voluptuous March 2008: 70 Pics of Miranda

Miranda hooks up with this guy for an erotic travel de vigour! Miranda doesn’t believe that a lady has to be played. This guy has to like me and I have to like him. U receive to have the feeling. I do not like when the stud goes out and this chab is just interested to fuck u. Just to have sex, and then this guy says “I love you” just to fuck you. I do not think that’s worthwhile. I do not think that a stud should come up to a female and say, “I wish to fuck u,” but it is better than telling her that you love her when do not mean it and she knows u don’t mean it. I do not need a man to tell me this dude loves me if he doesn’t. I mean, I have just met him. How does he know this chab loves me? That ladies man doesn’t even know me! Everyone thinks Italians are Latin lovers, but I guess they’re fake, like actors. American males are more honest. If they wish to fuck you, they say they want to fuck you. I like that. Italian men will not just say it. They wanna fuck you, but they must say, “Oh, I love u, you are so glamorous,” and other crap. I like the American way much bigger in size quantity magnificant. I don’t like the bullshit. It’s more mind boggling when a lady-killer is direct.

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