Voluptuous June 2007: Thirty six Pics of Nadine Jansen

This was Nadine’s year to win V-Mag’s Adult model of the year contest. That babe deserves each accolade. This babe merited the cover as well and got it! ANTHONY wrote “Just like last year, this was the toughest of all three categories. Again it came down to Nadine Jansen, Nicole Peters and Kerry Marie as they’re my all-time prefered three models. But this year had a 4th darkhorse contender in final year’s Newcomer of the Year, Bea Flora. But I had to cast my vote for Nadine Jansen. I still feel she doesn’t acquire the recognition she so richly merits.” And JESSE emailed to plead “Please give Nadine the prize this year. That babe is always coming second or third behind Nicole Peters or Kerry Marie. As well as her obvious assets, that babe has the most hawt lips and captivating eyes as well.”


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