Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Images of Miranda

“Miranda is a really Voluptuous female,” GLEN from the YOU.K. writes about this rare bitch hotty who is like a living statue, an example of human art. “The almost all lascivious photo is, in my opinion, the 1st one. The sight of Miranda wearing that diaphanous negligée started something stirring in my trousers. What’s so carnal is the way the negligée clings to her pretty full billibongs, just above her aureole and nipple, tantalisingly trying to hide what lies below, and thankfully failing. Miranda has it all, glamourous looks, lovely full fun bags, worthy round a-hole and a smooth, damp vagina which all adds up to the body of a mistress, a Voluptuous female-dominant. Do not leave it likewise long in advance of you include greater quantity of this glamourous female. Once some other time chaps, keep up the nice work.”

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