Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Pics of Camille Morgan

Camille appeared twice on the reality dating show Elimidate. We’re going to try to find these reruns just to see Camille. “I’ve done two clips of Elimidate. I did a regular one and I won, and I did a celebrity Elimidate with the Ying-Yang Twins. They’re the ones who did the Whisper song. And it was six gals. I’ve no idea if we were all winners from prior shows, but one of the cuties was. We started out at the Galveston Hotel in Manhattan. We were on a voyage bus and it was the same type of setup. They eliminated cuties one by one, and then we wound up gonna the 40/40 Lap dancing club, which is also in Fresh York, for the final two scenes, and, certainly, since there’re 2 Ying-Yang Twins, two girls had to win, and I was one of the beauties who won. One of the Twins is short, the other is tall. I got the taller, cute one. We exchanged numbers and we hung out. But rockers, they have too many gals chasing after them. I didn’t urge to do that.”

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