Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 40 Photos of Michaela

“I like a lot of foreplay in advance of having sex,” told Michaela, who’s still working at the front desk of a resort. We’re not sure why she’s wearing a man’s tie over her reservoir top so do not write in about that. Michaela has that typically European sensibility about sex. “The foremost is when a petticoat chaser plays with and sucks my nipples. They are very sensitive, but can take some coarse play, like tugging and light, very light, biting. That sends shocks through me and makes my snatch damp and ready for a wonderful fuck. I like to have my snatch licked and sucked, likewise. Then I’ll put my lips and tongue all over his ramrod to get it unyielding and I like to use my hand to put it in me. I like a dude that appreciates breasts. If this guy doesn’t spend a lot of time on them, then it is not gonna be fine for me.”

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