Welcome back, Romina Lopez. Romina hasn’t appeared on Scoreland since a set of swimming pool photos in September ’06 Voluptuous. Much also long. She’s lengthy due for a fresh appearance! Since that time, Romina’s even started her own web site (BustyRominaLopez.com) and is larger quantity motivated than ever about photography and modeling. That babe likes picking out sexy clothing, underclothes, shoes, and locations and props. Just think, that babe is here cuz a Finish large boob lover, a complete stranger, erased all fears of rejection and literally avoided her on the street in Asuncion, Paraguay to ask her if she’d consider modeling for Voluptuous! And this babe even acceded to pose for test shots for the publisher. Now, that’s a good hotty.Yes, pleased things do happen in this world. We get to say that Romina’s looking in worthy shape. This babe says her love bubbles now weigh 5.3 lbs. or 2.4 kilograms every.

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