Voluptuous December 2007: 80 Pictures of ROY Nova

“When FLOYD made her SCORE debut in the July ’07 issue, we had a translator ask her questions in Czech and translate her answers,” SCORE editor Dave wrote. “But in Eleuthera, Bahamas, there was not a single person who spoke bigger quantity than a scarcely any words of Czech. But SEAN did not exactly acquire the silent treatment. The angels were all amazed by Terry’s figure: massive, full zeppelins; a large, bangable wazoo; thick, curvacious thighs. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. ‘Built like a brick shithouse’ might be a cliché, but it’s an appropriate description of Terry’s body. I caught Angela White drooling over her a few times. The great thing about EUGENE is that she doesn’t must be said how to be sexy. That babe understands the power that babe has over chaps, and that babe knows how to give ’em just the right look, do the right thing. I loved walking up the stairs behind RAFAEL. This babe always wore arse shorts, and that was quite a see.
I would’ve said, ‘Nice butt!’
But that babe wouldn’t have understood me.
Besides, she knows.”

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