Voluptuous August 2007: 60 Images of Summer Lashay

Kowabunga! When we saw the example pics that Summer sent the studio, several of us hardened tit-lovers were blown out the window, like JOSE Willis in Die Rigid. Summer arranged her schedule and visited so al of u breast-men could benefit from the sight of her ginormous goodies. When Summer’s magazine spread hit stores, an editor truly received a telephone call from a tit-man overcome by the sheer vigour of Summer’s treasures. “The first things I observe when I meet a buck are his tongue and his lips,” Summer said about males. “If he doesn’t have a worthwhile tongue and doesn’t know how to use it, forget it.” “My flawless fellow is intelligent, in nice health and isn’t slothful. He too has to have some interests other than sex.” That counts us out. That’s about all we think about. Summer’s legs and a-hole are likewise beautiful hawt looking. But those fullsome funbags! Just incredible.

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