Voluptuous August 2007: 60 Pics of Mellie D

V-Mag: Were u the bustiest beauty in school?
Mellie D.: Yep. My nickname at school was Knockers. My yearbooks are full of references to the size of my bra buddies. I was a D cup at 12 and they have been steadily getting greater ever since.
V-Mag: Did your schoolmates treat u any differently cuz of your breast size?
Mellie D.: Beauties used to make enjoyment of me in PE, but the boyz all loved it.
V-Mag: Did jealous girls ever say everything about your mangos?
Mellie D.: They called me chubby, said that I was going to suffer backaches, etc. Some were really naughty. But I have the final giggle ‘cuz most of ’em have implants now and mine are all real!

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