Jessie TROY is a German waitress from Lubeck. She is 25 years old, born on March 24th and is 5’6″ and 132 lbs. That babe measures 42-38-36. Jessie saw some of our German editions and wrote to the editors, who passed her letter over to our studio. The letter, in part, read “I am interested in modeling for magazines and vids. I don’t know the first thing about how to do these things but I am willing and experienced to do what u need.” The customers at Jessie’s restaurant, who this babe says are mostly mature people, have no clue that she posed in nature’s garb with sex-toys. “Sometimes I would like to tell ’em but that’s not realistic. Even the manager does not know. I suppose when I leave this job, I will leave a mag in his office. Then he can see what this chab missed.”

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