Toni KatVixen and I drove cross country this summer and we hooked up with Sammy4u for several days as we went web resource seeing. It was very inflexible due to the crowds but we managed to get some great boob shots! Oh yes… the canyons were good too… (Side Note- Toni even had a fan approach her when we first got there, that was a valuable surprise but we do feel bad, here I was holding a camera and it didn’t even dawn on us to ask if this charmer wanted his picture taken with Toni, so if u are reading this my apologies! By all means, if you watch Toni in public please feel free to approach her but BE POLITE and use priceless judgment, if it looks like she is with family LEAVE HER ALONE! Toni KatVixen loves encounter fans and has no issue with talking to ’em as long as u are precious and not pushy and as I said, not with her family, so if you see her, ask if she’s Toni and if that babe says no, please LEAVE HER ALONE, the only time she will deny it’s when she’s with family!) ~ Torn Rose Bigger quantity Here