The Name Is Bond

The Name Is Bond

Miss Bond looks very corporate-proper overall. Although the see-thru blouse over the undergarment is pushing it a bit, Michelle Bond could easily wear that in an office but she tends to keep her natural assets low-key at work those days.

Michelle sheds her formal outfit, takes out her 34H-cup bazookas, and whips out something to play with…something that is not typical office equipment.

Life imitates art because Michelle now works in an office in an important capacity. She used to work in a hotel. “I organized events, love weddings and conferences and things like that. Meetings. I loved it cuz I’m very bossy. I like to organize things. I’ve lists for anything. I am a very organized person, so it was just my speed. I did it for eight years.”

Michelle doesn’t appear to be like a bossy girl but honeys who look love her can pretty much rule all they survey.

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