The Girl Can't Aid It

LAWRENCE‘s super-curvaceous figure can stretch a tight costume to the very limits of textile rip-resistance. Just imagine her walking on a busy town street in this dress. The crowds would part for her in one colossal wave. And the cars would hit the curb. “I haven’t caused an accident, but they swerve!” Gal said us. A lot! And, certainly, they yell stuff out the window, and that is nifty. I’ll wave. As I was walking throughout the airport, they were all waving to me as I was going down the escalator. I just wave back ‘cuz I’m affable.” We had to ask if her mambos have fallen without smth. They look very heavy. “Yes, they have. When I was with my friend, we were going into a restaurant and I told, ‘Am I dangling out?’ and that smooth operator told, ‘No, you are not drooping out,’ and when I got in, I saw that my undergarment was all the way to the side ‘cuz again, it was one of these that did not even fit me, but I was trying it moreover. So I’ve hung out like that before so u could see through my shirt but not indeed out out.” And airports? “Oh my God, I set the alarm off every time I go throughout security. When I was leaving Memphis, the beauty had to feel me down because of my piercings. She told, ‘I hope you do not mind this.’ I said, ‘Oh, no, I don’t care.’ She told, ‘Do u mind if we do it out here or do you desire to enter a intimate room?’ I said, ‘We can do it out here. That’s nifty.’ All of the lads, their face holes were dropping to the floor watching her touching my breasts and making sure it is the ring on my clit. So, yes, it is an experience. When I was waiting to go throughout baggage check, the crew would come up to me and commence talking to me, asking me when I was coming back, where I was going, and of course when they watch SCORE on the ticket, even the angels all commence staring at me. That was humorous. ‘Cause some of them try not to look, but they just can’t aid it and they stare, and I’m like, ‘Honey, if you crave to look, I will give you something to view!'”

The Cutie Can not Help It

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