The Fantasy Bride

The Fantasy Bride

They say the world’s smallest handcuffs are wedding rings.

Well, here’s that Pacific-Northwesterner Tiggle Bitties out to stir it up on a dream wedding travel. It’s a honeymoon of juggs and brides love Tiggle don’t cum along each evening of the year. Tig needed to have that gown form-fitted for her super-curvy body and mind-blowing scoops, gracious titties that give u uncontrollable fits.

Tig’s got a talent for cosplay. First-year student, fetish woman, cocktail server…but bride is the foremost yet. U can skip the pre-nuptial bachelor party. Who needs a lap dancer and beer-bloated bros with this honeymoon hottie to play with in a love-nest?

“I indeed forget sometimes that I have large knockers,” told Tiggle. who’s never left the Top Rated 20 since this babe eloped to SCORELAND. “I’ll be looking at a picture of me, and I am like, ‘Wow! I can’t believe these are mine!’ I have tons of guys allies, and they say they play with their dicks just ‘cuz they’re there. It is the same thing for me. I’m playing with ’em because they’re there cuz they’re cushioned and warm and fun. And u know, being a glamour model tops anything I’ve done in advance of this.”

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