The Breast Of Scoreland: 270 Photos of Minka

Scoreland salutes Minka, SCORE Glamour model of the year for 2005. SCORE calls Minka “The World’s #1 Oriental Breasty Queen” and “The Real Deal” and so does TV & radio host DANNY Carolla. That babe also deserves an reward for Paramount Perpetual Tan Lines. Maybe Hawaiian Tropic should look into this. May Minka proceed on successfully for as long as she wishes to.

Veteran SCORE collector and breast-man CECIL from Des Moines, Iowa recently wrote “When Minka 1st appeared in SCORE, I kept that copy and could not expect to watch her in other features. That babe is definitely the biggest-titted Asian lady I have observed, and I hope that that babe can maintain that distinction for a long time. It was unfortunate that she did not win 2006 Glamour model of the year, but there is already next year, and my vote is already there for her.”

Photo sets from top left: sets 1 & TWO photographed October 1995 and set THREE January 1996. Photo sets from bottom right: set 4 with Asia Carrera, January 1996, set 5 with Danielle Ashe May 1994 and set 6 with Letha Weapons October 1994.


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