The Large Pillows Of Patty Michova

The Greater than standard Pillows Of Patty Michova

Patty Michova is the bomb. That babe has the kind of cool sexuality that European James Bond actresses have that mask the smoldering passion inside. Anything a lady-killer (or sometimes 2 boys) throws at her in one of her hardcore scenes, she throws back double with the high-reaching of ease. That babe wanted to be a sex star in 2013 and this babe succeeded.

Believe or not, Patty is a fan of The Simpsons and her beloved character is Homer, who gets her in hysterics, even when she talks about him. (It is rock hard to imagine Homer dubbed in Slovakian.)

Off-camera, Patty says that babe has sex about four times a week, not counting masturbation, desires her cunt licked (and not for ten seconds either), and usually, but not always, swallows her partner’s sperm.

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