The Breasty Line-Up

This is a pipe-straightening chorus-girl line of SCORE centerfolds brought jointly for a group session below the Spanish sun of the Costa Del Sol. U know them, u love ’em. Linsey Dawn McKenzie, certainly. Known the world over by breast-men from the USA to Japan and all parts elsewhere. Veronika, a belting girl with a few credits in magazines and DVDs. Iva, a merry, little girl with a large chest and a delightfully petulant personality. Marketa, pound for pound, a total match for her ally Veronika. And Ines Cudna, one of the majority alluring beauties to ever become a big-bust star. This babe could have competed in the Miss Universe contest, so marvelous is this babe. Individually, they are drop-dead sexy and it’s a real treat to watch ’em lined up so u can compare their bigger-than-life figures. C’mon, when did u ever see a bunch of beauties so stacked like them jointly like this in person at the beach or at a pool? But in advance of the line-up begins, mischieveous Iva does her gymnastics on the lawn, completely stripped. After the line-up, Ines, ever the rebel, signs off with a farewell gesture!

The Big boobed Line-Up