Sweater Stretchers

Sweater Stretchers

The power of larger than standard hooters in taut tops switches the male brain to stupid mode. This is a scientific fact that has been proven with brainwave scans and MRIs.

Sweater Stretchers dramatizes this phenomenon. Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh spend an sixty minutes in the SCORE Studio trying on sweaters and tight tops. Summer tells Morgan that she’s gotten lustful from all the boobie flaunt and the feel of the fabric against her teats. That babe asks Morgan to walk with her to the warehouse where JMac is unloading boxes of magazines for a not many extra bucks on a slow day.

Summer hits him up and asks him if he has the time to take a scarcely any images back at the studio. No one in his right mind would say no to that filthy proposal. Summer wants Morgan to stay and look at. If Morgan hangs out with ’em, Summer will be hornier. She’ll climax harder having a breasty honey bunny next to her. Summer likewise wants to engulf Morgan’s teats and have Morgan suck her areolas whilst this babe gets a weenie to jack off and fill her love tunnel. Morgan assents. She is at not time watched some other pair shag in person in advance of. She is viewed full-sex movie scenes but that’s not the same thing as real people banging a slight in number centimeters away.

The angels make a decision to leave their sweaters on, leaving their bazooms exposed. Morgan’s fascinated by how Summer uses her throat on Mac’s schvanz. Summer’s highly-rated at cocksucking and tit-fucking. Morgan doesn’t wanna be a porn mega-star adore Summer but this babe is absorbed by Summer’s technique, nonetheless.

Summer gets off even more with Morgan staring at JMac banging the busty Bostonian. Summer especially wants Morgan to witness Mac spewing the contents of his balls on her well-fucked billibongs. She’d like to see Morgan have a smack. Summer got more than her sweater stretched and Morgan got an eyeful of two pornstars rogering for real.

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