Stone-Cold Fucked

She’s 46 years old. She’s tiny at 5’4″, 114 pounds. Can Catherine handle Lucas Stone’s big, thick dick? Can her face hole accommodate his meat? Can her constricted, thick-lipped cunt take a pounding from a tool that size?

“Definitely,” Catherine said, touching with tongue her lips when Lucas took out his penis. “Every inch of it.”

And after the pounding was over?

“My vagina stretched around his jock, and when I was on my back on the couch, I swear I could feel his cock-head pounding my belly walls,” she told. “I thought I was going to pass out. I am glad I didn’t.”

Catherine, a 46-year-old divorcee from Oregon (born in St. ALEX, Missouri, is a highly-sexed MILF, and she at no time shies away from a carnal challenge. But she’s usually into the edgier side of sex–bondage and stuff like that–and doesn’t often get to relish str8, hard-pounding rogering.

“It’s laughable,” that babe told. “My 1st sexual experience, when I was just a teenager, was horrible. It happened very quickly and I felt guilty for weeks afterward. You’d think it would’ve turned me off to sex for life, but now all I wish is greater quantity, more, larger amount, and the nastier the larger quantity priceless.”

Catherine isn’t very picky these days. That babe has just one requirement for her dudes.

“Treat me like a female, fuck me like I am your slut,” this babe said. “If you do that, we’ll the one and the other be very pleased.”

Stone-Cold Fucked