Star Interview: 0 Images of Deena Duos

Back in the mega-slim-n-stacked 1990s, a slender blonde with massive pantoons was one of the almost any popular glamour models in the world. Her name was Deena Duos, and she was the covergirl of the May ’93 issue of SCORE. Deena had a great career. The fact is that if her career had ended with her appearance in the May ’96 issue, we would’ve remembered her fondly as one of the paramount. Actually, that’s exactly what we’d been saying for the past numerous years whenever Deena’s name came up. But then, numerous months ago, almost without nowhere, Deena gave us a call. She wanted to model one time greater amount. We were skeptical. Then she sent us some fotos of herself. We were immediately convinced that we had to receive her into our studio as quickly as possible. And when we did, we identified out exactly what had been going on in Deena’s life.


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