Sophie Mae: Rhymes With T&A

Sophie Mae: Rhymes With T&A

Sophie Mae has an eye for tight-fitting glamourous clothing that do her figure justice. This outfit is one of her sexiest. Her dancer’s flexibility is used to valuable effect in this photo set. It reveals off her impressive legs, too, as well as her wet butt and bust.

Large mangos do not always run in the family. Sophie’s Mommy is not nearly as Big-Boob as her daughter, and her sister is not big boobed. Soft-spoken Sophie says she is the bustiest in her family. It is difficult finding the right size brassieres in her country. However, online shopping can be dicey. She’ll discover that the size she buys online doesn’t fit her properly and the delivery time can be long.

“When I am traveling abroad, I adore to visit local shops and try on what they have. Germany is the majority breathtaking for bras,” says Sophie.

Oddly sufficient, boys back home in the Czech Republic are not the ones staring at her when this babe is out and about. It is the babes passing her in the street says Sophie, scrunching her attractive face to give her impression of the smutty look that some females let fly at topheavy beauties. That is why she says that babe won’t go out wearing a deep cleavage revealing or thin top that attracts attention.

One thing we have always wondered about is why the Czechia is such a great place to discover big-boobed angels. What is it about this country? The beer? The gene pool?

“I think it is the food. There’s good energy in it. It’s too very tasty. It is a little bit enormous but you know, that maybe helps,” told this patriotic Czech gal. “I love Czech dumplings, fish, chicken and creamy sauces.”

Those foods have definitely worked their magic on Sophie.

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