Solo Masturbation Video: 13:33 Minute Clip of Lacey Grant

Lacey Grant is 45 years old. She’s a Mother of 2. And she’s also a stripper. Hey, there’s nothing like a 40something SEXY HOUSEWIFE hawt dancer if u ask us. Or if u ask Lacey. “I think I’m sexier than the other angels at the exotic dancing club,” that babe said. “Just the way I carry myself. I have the whole package compared to some of the others. A lot of ’em, they get a little sexy, they throw their hair up in a pony tail and could not care less about what they look like. But the bucks who are coming in want to see sexy hotty’s. They wanna watch honeys who are made up. They wanna watch somebody who has confidence and knows they look priceless coz they might have a girlfriend who doesn’t wear makeup, doesn’t fix her hair or a wife that’s the same way. They desire smth that is a little different, and that is where I come in. I am a little different. I’m there to provide a dream.” That babe succeeds.

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