SCORE Theater: 9:13 Minute Movie scene of Mia Starr

Mia Starr is a California head-turner with lots to suggest. She’s 5′, 120 lbs. and measures 36-24-34.
SCORE: What would be your fantasy car?
Mia: An Acura NSX
SCORE: Your much loved TV show and actress?
Mia: Nip/Tuck, Angelina Jolie
SCORE: What are your hobbies?
Mia: I love to dance, decide and play with my dogs.
SCORE: What kind of lads do you like?
Mia: A assured guy with a fine sense of humor, ardent and always in a worthwhile mood.
SCORE: Have you done some other gal?
Mia: Yes, Tons! Too many to remember!


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