SCORE Theater: 23:46 Minute Video of Daphne Rosen

Looking mind blowing in her skintight tube costume, Daphne Rosen takes u to her new place so this babe can show u what she is made of. Out side on the terrace, that babe oils her king-size titties and shakes them, like an Otis Sweat cutie come to life. After cleaning off, Daphne is ready to fuck. Study each move she makes ‘coz this vixen is a titty-fucking bedroom champion, expert in magnificant, sloppy BJ’s and amazing ass-fucking act. “I was type of born for sex,” Daphne’s said. “I mean, fate dealt me a hand that I basically had no choice. My throat is very, very talented. I can obviously do a great tittyfuck. My muff, I have heard, is completely astonishing. My backdoor, very accommodating.” Damn right, Daphne!


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