SCORE Studio: 100 Pictures of Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra Calogera’s 1st SCORE photo-shoot was in the May ’07 edition. She has a very hawt body, prompting Scoreland member R.E. to email: “The ‘new’ Cassandra inspired numerous NATHANIEL loads. Please bring her back for an encore.” Since we can ask beauties how they lost their cherries without getting kicked in the nuts, one of our editors asked Cassandra how she came to lose her virginity. “I met up with a boy I had always liked and we went to the school auditorium,” Cassandra said him “It was closed but we got in. We had sex on the stage right there in the auditorium. I thought somebody might have been watching ‘coz I heard noises. It was great and ever since then I have always enjoyed school. It is probably why I became a model, ‘cuz I am on display in a studio.”

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