SCORE September 2007: 40 Pics of Tera Cox

Tera could win any succulent tee contest that babe entered. These pics are the verification. Final issue, Candace Von also proved her power at succulent tee domination. Can you imagine a contest with the 2 of them? The audience would go berserk. We asked Tera what fellows say to her that is totally the worst thing to say. “You got stupendous pointer sisters!” Tera replied. “I acquire that on a daily basis and it is the worst turn-off! I know I’ve large milk cans. When I go out, I try to suit semi-casual with a hint of cleavage. Try to know me as a person. I love going on dates that are relaxing and pleasure, such as a comedy exotic dancing club or a restaurant-bar, just sat there talking about anything and truly getting to know every other. Being sexy is not always how a person looks. It’s the way they carry themselves and the way they come off. Everybody has a different idea of hawt. I suppose self-assured and assertive boyz can be very hot.”

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