SCORE September 2007: 40 Pictures of Natalie Fiore

Natalie: In ottoman I like a buck to be in control.
SCORE: Who makes the 1st move?
Natalie: The Lothario. Always, with me.
SCORE: What should this guy say?
Natalie: He should say something…smart. Not crude, like “I wanna fuck u.” I like him to be a gentleman. Not just invite me to his home on the 1st date.
SCORE: When did your meatballs begin to receive indeed large?
Natalie: When I was 14. In school, there was nobody like me. I had the biggest melons. I used to hide ’em below very large tee-shirts until I realized that I had no reason to hide ’em. I should be pleasured of them. They are part of my charm. So I wanted to show ’em to the world. Right?

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