SCORE September 2007: 40 Pics of Delotta Brown

SCORE: When you’ve your legs spread and your booty up in the air, is that a nice position for sex?
DELOTTA: It’s fine for invitations, yep. An invitation for sex!
SCORE: And it is not at any time been passed up, has it?
DELOTTA: Not that I can remember.
SCORE: What do you think most boyz would say is the majority worthy part of your body?
DELOTTA: If he’s a titty petticoat chaser, it’s the whoppers. If he’s an ass man, they love to hold my booty and sleep on my a-hole. That’s definitely not rare. Most guys have enjoyment the fact that I’m tiny in the waist and large in the a-hole and big in the bouncy bosoms. They love that complete ensemble.

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