SCORE September 2007: 40 Pictures of Bea Flora

I’m very hopeful that we shall see greater quantity fresh Bea Flora at SCORE,” writes S.C. “She is phenomenal, very impressive and this babe has worthwhile boobies. I’ve been bewitched by her the pont of time I saw her. I truly think you lads should try and produce a DVD featuring Bea, maybe something like A Day With Bea or something similar. She truly is very popular with the fans in Europe and I indeed hope you work with her afresh very in a short time.” E.B. adds that “the creme de la creme is Bea Flora exposing her privates, all the while wearing a fishnet bodysuit with vinyl thraldom accoutrements!” This is Bea’s 5th appearance in SCORE since 2005. The fetish costuming and props are once anew courtesy of World of Wicked ( Bea’s appearance is courtesy of Polish Big-Boob.

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