SCORE September 2007: Fourty Fotos of April McKenzie

Her nipps are very sensitive. She loves her juggs gently kneaded and rubbed, not handled roughly and squeezed rock hard. Being an all-naturals edition, it is solely natural that one of the finest recent beauties of 2006 be included this month. April McKenzie receives the glam treatment this issue with a shiny evening gown and fancy jewelry. Looks like you’ll be springing for a gourmet restaurant instead of Chinese take-out. Well, she’s worth each penny. You’ll think this is eager but April meets boys who say she is too busty for them. “They’ve said things like, ‘Those thing are way likewise big. They look like they’re plan to suffocate me,'” April said. What are these males, desirous? April, stay away from those girly-men. “I tell ’em, they’re okay. They’re not gonna kill u! They’re squashy and squooshy. They’re ok. They’re not rock hard!”

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