SCORE October 2007: 70 Pics of Brandy STEVEN

“I think, if you haven’t considered it already, that u might crave to release a Paramount of Brandy WALTER DVD,” veteran SCORE Petticoat chaser D.W. emails. “Who would suspect that such an blameless looking cutie was such a pornstress?” B.B. says “It was a fun to watch Brandy DENNIS in the Xtra section anew. It’s facile to see this babe knows what she’s doing. I like the attitude she portrays in her pics. This babe completely knows we’re whipped. That’s so hawt!” K.D. echoes those feelings: “Brandy DON is smokin’ hawt! That babe has a great set of hooters on her that I could stare at all day, but I truly liked how this babe sucks a rod! The shot of her with just the tip of a dick in her mouth was captivating and thanks for keeping her drooping melons in the shot. Brandy looked like that babe was having a wonderful time, which always helps the photos look greater amount admirable for some reason!” As for Brandy, that babe says “If relishing sex makes me a bitch, then priceless. I love to fuck. I’m glad with my life.” Go, Brandy!

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