SCORE October 2007: 40 Images of Lena Li

Lena looks marvelous shoehorned into that well-fitted below garment. If she gets her real estate license, that babe should have no trouble selling houses despite the current downmarket. “Lena Li does it for me,” writes DARRELL. “She is unequalled in so many ways. Her dish can’t even be put into words. She could be following in the footsteps of Jade Feng and that would be a fine thing.” Lena has a SCORE Showgirl body which she maintains by keeping active, slim and trim by cycling on the beach, hiking and playing tennis. We could view Lena do that all day while we burn calories by jacking. “Nice boyz don’t finish final in my book,” Lena blogs on her MySpace page. “I really appreciate a nice and honest Lothario versus some slick player. I cannot stand deceit or chaps who only just wanna acquire into my trousers. I am so not interested in players or any boy who doesn’t plan to stay in my life. I am looking for genuinely worthy lads. . .sad to say but so rare those days.” Lena’s words only add to her charm, appeal and charisma.

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