SCORE November 2007: 60 Pics of Alena Snow

Giving recent meaning to being in “the stacks,” Alena knew that in the boob-appreciation center of the male brain, there exists the librarian sub-section. When you wander into the library–those of you that still do–do u hope that a librarian with humongous melons will be climbing ladders to put books away? Wearing short skirts and high heels? We feel the same way. Alena understands this also so that babe came up with this photo-shoot. If that babe hadn’t become a headlining stripper, there’s no question that she would have become a librarian and a admirable one at that. She did say that this babe can’t live without to read and wear taut sweaters. That’s almost any of the job right there. We’re not sure what percentage of librarians really wear glasses but they do add that bookish touch. We’d be late constantly just to pay Miss Snow the fines.

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