SCORE November 2007: Fifty Images of Nikki Jaye

“I make the 1st move when I crave sex,” says Nikki. “I don’t have time to waste waiting for a potential husband to make the first move. A lad needs to be direct and smooth and can prove what this charmer promises. Assured, persistent and pleasant. Actually worthwhile orall-service is what gets me pleasured. If I don’t have sex three times a week, then I get grumpy.” Nikki has her own dating specifications. “I like dates that initiate early and end tomorrow. The funniest pick-up line this babe says a boy ever said to her was the old, “Nice shoes, desire to fuck?” “It indeed worked,” said Nikki, who did not suggest any details about why this smooth operator was successful with her. “Next time I’ll tell u about how I lost my virginity,” Nikki added. U wager, Nikki. Keep up the nice work and keep bouncing.

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