SCORE November 2007: 100 Fotos of Christy Marks

Many of you saw Christy for the first time this past summer in Scoreland’s weeklong particular On Location Eleuthera and were knocked out. Is SCORE’s Newcomer of the Year contest already over with the introduction of Christy Marks? It is up to you men and how u vote. Christy’s stats tell u the obvious: 44-28-36, 5’4″, 134 lbs. 36H-cups. The way that babe fills out a beneath garment and a tight top make boob-men freeze in their tracks. Here’s a ANDREW that makes a larger than commonplace impact, in the same way that Merilyn, Nicole and other top models have in past years. Christy just turned 19 at the time of this Scoreland posting, her 1st “official” pictorial. Her youth, her new look, her girl-next-door personality and her sense of humor are likewise what all boob-men love to watch. “I’m very excited just because I finally feel like I am getting somewhere in my life,” Christy told SCORE editor Dave in the Bahamas. “I lastly feel like I am accomplishing smth, and when my pictures came out, lots of my family members wanted one. My Mother wanted one. I said, ‘Hey, Mother. I am modeling for an adult mag.’ And this babe said, ‘Oh. Which one?’ I said her it was The SCORE Group, I love everyone I work with, and that babe told, ‘Oh.’ And I told, ‘Are u nutty?’ and this babe said, ‘No.’ I wanted to know her feelings about this because she just was not talking. Then this babe was like, ‘I’m your Mom. I obviously urge u to cover up, but if u have it and I gave it to u, I urge u to use it. It’s not illegal.’ She’s ok with it.” Dave observes: “There’s a lot more to Christy than just big titties and sex appeal. She is one of those gals who seems nearly unaffected by the bad things in life. She has an amazingly positive outlook on things. As you’re about to view, modeling isn’t just a job for Christy. It’s a fresh experience. An adventure. Something to have pleasure daily. And we think that attitude shows in her pics.”

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